Everything happens in its own time. Early youth is a period in a person’s life when young adults entering into developing stages. It is a time that demands more attention to grooming, skills and polishing mental abilities. Spending this time struggling with a job and neglecting one’s studies, and healthy activities is a never-ending loss. Doing jobs at an early age helps in learning budget management, but at the same time, it hurts one’s academic achievements. Whether doing a job at an early age is more fruitful or one should study is a never-ending debate. In this article we are going to speak about “Why do young adults go to school instead of starting working?”

What do researchers say?

Going to school instead of starting work during or after high school has two different perspectives. Not everyone starts a job because of being tired of school, but a financial crisis also compels a person to struggle with time. However, going to school is the first decision made by most students. According to stats of 2016, 69% of students prefer to study than work.

 Why attending school is more important than working for young adults?

Nearly, 30% of students are doing a job instead of studying. These young adults face a setback later in life and have to return back to complete their education. Furthermore, how can completing education first be beneficial? Statistically, those students who study first experience less or no unemployment as compared to those who quit their education. Education at school has a lot of benefits.

  • It teaches us time management and an approach to learning new soft skills.
  • Along with this school, tenure allows us to accept criticism and work in collaboration.
  • Communication skills and presentation are one of the most beneficial skills taught at school. Without good communication, you can’t be successful at any workplace.
  • School education prepares us to analyze, measure and cope with future challenges.
  • Education at an early level instils a boost of leadership and compassion in one’s personality.
  • Problem-solving and critical thinking take a person’s intellect to the next level.
  • The ability to set achievable goals and concentrate on them is only gained through education. Running after something without having any defined goal has no fruit.

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 How can work affect your school life?

Working during school life or quitting school for work may be a short-term solution, but leads to low wages and incomplete education. Starting a job for young adults hurts academic achievements and takes away personal time. Working for long hours may have a negative impact on one’s personality. This situation leads to fatigue, another common issue as a person gets less sleep due to workload.

Every path has its own pros and cons. It is vital to educate yourself before entering the professional world. It teaches us many lessons and helps us choose the right path. Education is undoubtedly a passport to the future, as it belongs to those who prepare for it today.

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