Almost a large number of people around the world, or 84% of the total population, believe in some kind of religion. Nobody exactly knows what the total number of religions being followed. But at some time in one’s life, he/she ponders: Why do we believe in religion? Why is it important to believe in a religion?

Many debates have been had and science and technology have also done research on it, but everything ended in chaos. If I raise the question, why are you following your particular religion? What would be your answer? Are you confused? Do you know the answer? You might be in chaos too.

In this article, we will answer your “WHY”.

General Perspective

When asked why they believe in religion, people mostly replied that they believe in God, and they had a strange perspective on how someone could not believe in a religion.

  • People see religion in different ways if someone believes in religion as a measure of defining origins and explaining the laws of nature. They’ll scientifically see them and will measure them by means of scientific shreds of evidence.
  • Those who see it as a way of instilling spirituality in them see it as a moral virtue and adopt its values and principles for living their lives.
  • Moreover, when you are looking for ethical guidelines, you’ll find them in a manner either inspiring or dispiriting.

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Why do we believe in religion?

Is believing in God different from believing in religion? Why is there a need to believe in religion?

About three-quarters of the people of the US say that religion is important in their lives, with more than half saying 53% that it is a “very important”part of their lives.

People have different explanations for why they believe in a religion.

1-Provides us with the right path:

Most people say that religion gives them the right path, a road to follow, and an example of how to live their lives in a better way. They think that religion always helps a person seek answers to his worldly questions. All the values and principles that can aid in living a better life are described in their religious teachings. It supplies a direction and a purpose for living.

2-Boosts Spirituality:

Other people also suggest that religion has a great role to boost up our inner spirituality and gives us a reason to love God more. It helps us differentiate between the right and wrong paths in life and teaches us how to love God in a better way and seek his love for us.

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3-Teachings about Moral Values:

Moreover, some people also say that people who believe in their religious teachings are far more aware of moral values and are well-mannered than others. Religion teaches us the values of gratitude, patience, and humility. Furthermore, it aids us in practicing forgiveness and seeking forgiveness.

“Every religion teaches us good deeds and love for others”

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  Size of Major Religious Groups, 2020
Religion Percent
Folk Religions5.61%
Other Religions0.79%

4-Social Harmony:

Many religious rituals promote social harmony and promote feelings of others. Like in Islam, at Eid-ul-Adha, people sacrifice animals and distribute meat among the needy. This promotes a sense of concern. Similarly, in Christianity, at Christmas, small gifts and clothes, and other things are distributed among needy people, and gifts are exchanged. Furthermore, all other religions have such festivals that promote social harmony and love among people.

Non-Believers: How do they leave their religions?

People who don’t believe in any religion are known as non-religious or Atheists. According to recent stats, they are the third biggest community. When a person starts to lack his beliefs and values, his faith starts to decline and reaches a level where he has no faith left. At this stage, they quit their religious teachings. Such people may live happy lives, but they lack a purpose in life, and a purposeless life is worthless.


Let’s conclude our discussion. I hope you all have got your answer to WHY. Summarizing the discussion, with religion, life gets a purpose, a road, a map to follow. Religion instils spirituality and strengthens our belief in God. Probably, there may be some negative aspects too, but positive aspects always outweigh the negative ones. Therefore, the choice of the right religion and believing in it is very important. Religion is the ray of hope in your colourless life.

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