Whether you have trouble falling asleep, are surrounded in the office by co-workers who are constantly yelling, whether you want to concentrate as you immerse yourself in your next reading, the ASMR may be for you. ASMR is the acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which means: the brain reacts automatically to a series of stimuli / energy flows. But how can it helps you to relax? Let’s learn more about what is ASMR today.

ASMR What is it?

In practice, these are pleasant sensations, chills, tingling related to listening to a series of sounds of the most varied nature: from crumpled paper to the clicking of the nail on a hard surface, from brushing of hair to whispering. The ASMR artist, or the YouTuber who dedicates himself to ASMR, does not need large tools. Indeed, it is enough to have set of headphones and a microphone. In fact, it is enough to bring the listener into a state of bliss and relaxation that has earned the definition of “brain orgasm“.

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The sounds that produce the stimulus ( triggers in technical language) can be potentially infinite: we point out some, the most used:


Whispering by Fabled Fawn ASMR

Soft Spoken:

Soft Spoken by Nymfy Official

Tongue Clicking

Tongue clicking by ASMR cat

Mouth Sounds

Mouth Sounds by Tena ASMR


Stipple by fastASMR

As you saw these triggers are related to sounds produced with the mouth. From whispering to clicking the tongue to repeated low-pitched cries.

Tapping, Cupping, Touching, Scratching, Keyboard, Stroking : triggers present in almost all videos, involve the touch of the fingers on different surfaces: from scratching, to tapping, to stroking, so on and so forth.

Crinklng : crinkle is the sound of paper or any other material that can be wrinkled: touching plastic packages, crumpling the sheets can be excellent examples.

Touching-face Touching : The ASMRtist touches the camera and microphone, pretending to caress the listener’s face.

Eating : this is the trigger that sees ASMRtists chewing with their mouth open (it seems to be one of the most relaxing).

Who should I follow?

Depending on the type of trigger you prefer, you can follow different ASMR artists. In overall, the channels with the most subscribers and the most viewed videos contain more triggers in a single session. But it doesn’t mean that those who started few months ago are bad! Indeed, you can follow some ASMR artists from your own country. There are so many asmr artists from all over the world. Sometimes, there are asmr artists who are from china but they try to tingle with french words. So, it depends from what you like the most. But try to discover many channels to discover what suits you well. 

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