There are some exercises that are our allies to burn as many calories as possible; as always, achieving good results also depends on the diet. Staying healthy must be the main reason to play sports, but keeping fit can also be an incentive when we see results. If we accompany exercise with a healthy diet we will see how our body changes day by day. But what are the useful exercises to burn more calories? Many people choose running as it is one of the ways to burn more calories, but not everyone loves this sport; So can it be done in other ways? Of course yes! But what exercises burn the most calories?

With which exercises you can burn more calories

If running isn’t your thing, don’t worry, there are other exercises you can choose from.

Go cycling

While doing it in the gym is productive, doing it outdoors will also have the potential to burn more calories. An hour of this outdoor sport can consume 680 calories,  especially on steep and sloping ground.

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I swim

The freestyle of this sport will help you burn  an average of 700 calories per one hour session. We already know that swimming is one of the most complete sports, as it works with the whole body. And if you choose an activity that requires a combination of strength and swimming, such as the butterfly style, your chances of burning more calories increase.


Another great sport to practice outdoors. Remember that  to burn calories it is not mandatory to go to the gym, or in any case it is always possible to combine indoor activities with outdoor sports. Climbing is an incredible exercise to achieve this, as it consists of small time intervals at maximum intensity, with rest intervals.

It is a very effective way to burn more calories because your body is brought to its maximum efficiency.

Benefits of pace changes


In a 30-minute session you can burn around 325 calories. This sport is considered a cardio  exercise because, although the movement is not extreme, it is capable of producing enormous cardiorespiratory capacity.


It is the most fashionable machine in gyms since its invention. It is ideal for burning calories and toning. In a 30-minute session at a rate of 6 km per hour, 250 calories can be consumed.

If you want the elliptical to be even more effective at building muscle and burning calories, alternate intensity with speed. Work your arms and legs for one minute as fast as you can and then continue at a normal pace. You will see how the pulsations increase.

Cross country skiing

Unlike traditional skiing, which consists of descending slopes at high speed, this sport  requires you to travel great distances on flat or slightly sloping terrain. You can burn up to 500 calories in a 40 minute session.

For this reason, in some coastal areas, parks or other places enabled for sports, it is possible to see people with poles similar to those of skis that serve as a support for walking. This type of sport is known as  Nordic walking.

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Exercise bike

Although the technique varies little, this sport is basically what we have always known as spinning. It is said to be undoubtedly  one of the exercises with which you can burn the most calories ever, since in an intensive 50 minute session you can burn between 700 and 900 calories. 

The greater the pedalling and ground residence, the greater the amount of calories burned. Plus, it’s a great exercise for toning and giving your legs a nice shape. 

As you can see, it is not necessary to run to burn more calories. There are many more options available regardless of whether you enjoy the gym or outdoor sports. You can alternate between various methods to ensure that the loosening is not monotonous or boring.

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