Children are always picky eaters; you might have seen clips of small children throwing broccoli or something like that away. This attitude probably disgusts a parent. As we all know, food is very important for survival. A balanced and nutritious diet is as important for children as for adults and teenagers. Diet decides how well a person will perform in his activities. A good diet accompanies a good lifestyle. Whereas a poor meal plan and eating habits can lead to a   dull and unhealthy life. In this article you will learn some tips about The Principles of Good Nutrition from Early Childhood.

Therefore making a habit of eating healthy and foods full of nutrition is very critical. The choice of adopting good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. Hence, every parent should make sure that their children practice good eating habits.

In this article, we will discuss why good nutrition is important for your children. What are the principles that lead to good nutrition?

So, let’s dive into the interesting information and gain some valuable knowledge.

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Why is good nutrition important for your children?

Having good nutritional habits is very important for your child’s health. Nutrition is one of the three important factors that decide a child’s future health. Besides this, environment and genes are the other two. In the United States, almost every one out of five children faces obesity in their later life. For controlling such conditions, adopting a healthy and balanced diet from early childhood is very important.

A balanced diet is no doubt the best solution to stay away from all kinds of health issues. Early childhood is the time when a child adopts habits whether good or bad but they stay with them all their life. Therefore, the choice of what to eat and what not is very important if one wants to live a healthy and sound life.

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Principles of good nutrition:

The Principles of Good Nutrition from Early Childhood: Good nutrition is vital for a healthy life and the habits of early childhood stay with a person their whole life. Therefore, adopting good eating habits since early childhood is very important. A healthy body has a healthy mind and a healthy mind functions far better than a dull and lazy mind. These are all the gifts of choosing good eating habits. Have you adopted the principles of Good Nutrition for your child ? Probably You must have! If not then hurry and start taking care of your child’s nutritional habits. Let’s take a look at some principles of Good Nutrition:

1-Grains: Whole grains and refined grains are the more nutritious ones among the two types of grains. Whole grains include oatmeals and brown rice etc. Whereas when the grains are refined, they lose most of their vital nutrients. Therefore, eating whole grains is the best option.

2- Vegetables: Vegetables are also full of many nutrients and should be added to the diet as the main food item. Adding some vegetables to the diet following your requirement is also very important. Vegetables may be raw, boiled, cooked mashed. Other categories may include organic or non-organic vegetables.

3-Fruits: Fruits are one of the most important items to be added in your everyday food routines. Fruits contain different vitamins and minerals which are required for the better growth and nourishment of the body.

4-Dairy Items: Dairy items like milk and yogurt are very important for the early growth of children. They must be added in meals from early childhood to give your child better health for tomorrow.

5-Eating variety of foods: Not all foods contain the same amount of vitamins, calcium, minerals, and proteins. Every food has its own specific and valuable nutrients. Therefore, making a habit of giving your child a variety of foods is very important.


The Principles of Good Nutrition from Early Childhood: Food is very important for living a healthy life. Therefore having good meal plans and eating preferences is very important. Small kids have no idea which foods are more good for their health, so it’s the responsibility of parents to take care of their child’s health. Make sure you help them to practice the habits that will help them live a better life. Better late than never so, start today. Help your children adopt some good eating habits that would help them have a better life because a good nutrition plan leads to a sound life.

Take into regards to some everyday habits:

  • Eat a variety of foods to get various nutrients
  • Eat foods rich in various minerals, vitamins, calcium, proteins and other vital nutrients.
  • Take a look at which food groups should be a must to be added in your child’s early meal plan.

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