Usually, our society misconstrues “being an introvert” as a misfortune. But with all the power that comes in being Introvert, it might as well be cherished. Introverts are usually tagged as shy, nervous, or even lacklustre second-class citizens. But they actually hold some of the most introspective and intuitive minds in the world. While they are a profoundly undermined group, this is nothing more than a product of society’s constant chase for a “culture of confidence” ever since the industrial boom, as explained by Susan Cain, a proud introvert and long-time researcher of introversion.

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Many brilliant and notable introverts in history, like Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, and Mahatma Gandhi, all shared an ability to transform our world as we see it now through the power of their introversion. In today’s age, we remember them as heroes who sparked revolutions and pioneered new ways of thinking. How? By doing a lot of their own thinking. And as much as today’s world marks this behaviour as anti-social, let’s see how turning within can actually be a wonderful superpower.

Introverts are compassionate and thoughtful leaders

It may be hard to believe, but introverts are leaders that the world needs. With the ability to be incredibly observant of every surrounding, they approach any problem or question with the most thoughtful nature, based on an authentic desire to solve any issues at hand, for both individuals and the larger collective. An introvert’s goal is always rooted in compassion rather than glory, inherently enabling them to connect varying groups of people and find mutual solutions.

Extroverted leaders, while they may be able to stir up a little more passion in followers, they run the risk of simply talking the talk, without being able to walk the walk, and may even polarize groups in doing so. They tend to seek the spotlight before they think to truly make a difference, whereas the power introverted leader could care less about the title, and seeks for the truth.

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Being introverted means being an analytical and intuitive thinker

The introvert’s observant nature also opens up a whole new level of analytical thinking and attention to detail. Indeed, this allows them to follow their intuition with a crystal-clear mindset. So, if they might seem picky, they actually are just able to choose the right friends and lovers. They can even handle sticky social situations, even though they are usually quiet.

They would rather think before they speak, which means they are less likely to get into trouble, and more likely to actually mediate any commotion. If they are not professional therapists, they’re more often than not every one of their friends’ personal go-to venting stations.

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Most introverted leaders end up as revolutionary pioneers

Finally, the biggest and worse superpower of all: they change the world. As mentioned, brilliant power introvert minds of history have shaped the world as we see it today. Even today, some of the greatest leaders like Elon Musk and Marissa Mayer are introverts. In fact, 70% of CEOs describe themselves as predominantly introverted.

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The final secret

The secret to the introvert’s power? Solitude. Charles Darwin took long walks in the woods to figure out key principles of evolution. Steve Wozniak, the creator of the first Apple computer, said his self-imposed confinement at home led to him figuring out everything he knows today. Even though these are quite extreme conditions of solitude – imagine how much just a little more solitude and introspection can do for everyone – extroverts included.


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