Energy drinks are well-known for increasing stamina and alertness. Whenever we feel down, we rush to consume one. From consuming one energy drink at a time to six drinks per day, we get addicted to them. Energy drinks are mostly recommended for adults, but most students consume them anyhow. Almost 27.7% of the school students consume energy drinks, and 93% of them are aware of the ingredients in them. Are these quick boosters safe for our students? Probably not! The high level of sugar and caffeine in energy drinks increases health issues. So, Should energy drinks be banned in schools and colleges ?

We will discuss in detail the effects of energy drinks on students and whether we should ban them or not.

Effects of Energy Drinks on Students:


One of the prime ingredients of energy drinks is caffeine. Caffeine is known for its role in sleep disruption. People who consume energy drinks report more sleep disorders. How will energy drinks affect you if you’re a student? Consumption of energy drinks leads to insomnia, and the functioning of the body is disturbed which affects learning. What is the main difference between coffee and energy drinks?


The body of students become accustomed to caffeine levels from energy drinks. A drop in these levels may cause a headache. Most regular consumers of energy drinks complain of headaches. Thus, this condition affects learning. Should energy drinks be banned in schools and colleges?

3-High Sugar Levels:

The level of sugar in energy drinks is higher than recommended. When students consume energy drinks, their sugar levels rise. This isn’t bad because the brain needs glucose to function. However, the refined sugar in such drinks is harmful as it boosts the sugar level instantly. When these levels drop, students feel more sluggish and tired than before.

Moreover, these high sugar levels may lead to the weakening of the immune system and diabetes. High sugar levels also affect areas of the brain associated with learning.

4-Intolerance of Stress:

Most people consume energy drinks under stressful conditions, but high sugar levels lower the ability to handle stress. Nevertheless, higher sugar levels trigger the release of stress hormones, leading to depression and anxiety.

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5-Increased alcohol consumption:

Sometimes, teenagers try to mix energy drinks with alcohol. Many young ones have admitted mixing alcohol with energy drinks almost 4 times a month. This condition is alarming. Therefore, to prevent the use of alcohol at school, energy drinks should be banned.

Should we ban energy drinks?

Energy drink consumption leads to many health problems, increasing the risk of heart attack or stroke. Another setback is the drastic increase in body weight. Allowing energy drinks in schools thus encourages students to consume them. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to educate students about the dangers of energy drinks. Considering the detrimental effects of energy drinks schools and colleges should prohibit the consumption of energy drinks. In conclusion, we advice you to get natural drinks to boost your day. Aren’t you sure which natural drinks to take? Here are the top natural energy drinks for a health and wellness.

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