Relationships are what we call ‘the sustainability parameter for life. They can make us or break us, it depends on us how we take them. Healthy relationships provide warmth, support, comfort, and joy in life. In every growing relationship, there come ups and downs that can become a source of affliction if not dealt with properly and at the right time. These problems demand both partners analyse the situation, re-evaluate their priorities, and make adjustments accordingly. Given below are the five key to-do things that you should practice to strengthen, save, or develop a relationship;

1. Fluid communication in a relationship

Communication is the key to save a relationship or every prospering relationship. Usually, problems start when one or both the partners hold things, or assume another person’s response on their own. It is important to remember that human beings act differently in the same kind of situation over different time periods. Frequent transparent communications go a long way in addressing issues and their timely resolution. While communicating, try to understand where the other person is coming from and listen empathetically. Be unbiased in collecting the information that you get from the conversation. Because anger might likely be coming from an impression that you have made in your head, but does not have any ground reality. Keep your tone soft even if you find something disagreeable in the discussion with your partner. Do not hesitate to ask questions if something seems unclear.

2. Work on your personal development

While it may seem off-the-topic, it is of paramount importance that you do not forget to groom yourself to improve your professional and personal relationships. For this matter, you can set personal goals – the traits that you should adopt and those you should quit.

Check if you are empathetic enough to put yourself completely in other’s situation and view the situation from their angle. Analyze if you are acting too judgemental to not let other person be their true self or lack a holistic approach to view situations. Learn how to be patient, how to appreciate each other, how to compromise, and how to stay strong in hard times.

3. Set healthy relationship boundaries

In every relationship, it is important that you set healthy boundaries based on your and your partner’s individual needs. It allows both partners to save or maintain a healthy space and doesn’t cause a relationship to suffocate. It is unwise to burden your partner with unrealistic expectations. Also, don’t let your emotional complexity harm your connection. Allow yourself and the other person to have personal time and recharge so that you are revitalized and poised when you turn to each other.

4. Learn to forgive more often

Forgiving each other more often is an essential component of every successful relationship. While the lack of it leads to damage or even termination of a relation. Indeed, it is one of the reasons why the divorce ratio has been risen too high compared to our ancestors. Because they used to handle difficult situations with kindness, consideration, and thoughtfulness.

On the contrary, people these days embitter themselves over little mistakes of their partner. Not only does it cloud their fair judgment but also makes them aggressive and unable to cooperate. Thus, it is important that you should let go of trivial things and cultivate an attitude of acceptance to create a middle ground that favor both parties.

5. Find little moments of joy in your relationship

It is well said that life is found in little moments. It is those small everyday moments of joy that make life exuberant. As Sharon Draper says, “Joy comes in sips, not gulps.” All it takes is to open your mind and embrace the amusement these little moments offer every now and then. It actually, is already present in your life, but you let it pass by you just because you do not let your mind open to it. Be grateful for everything and take pride in little wins – a nicely cooked meal, achieving a fitness goal, buying a new pet together, making a short trip to a new place, etc. You will be amazed how much there is to celebrate yet it is overlooked in the busyness of daily life. To conclude, a healthy relationship is based on empathetic listening, honest communication, setting healthy boundaries, and an attitude of acceptance and forgiveness. Letting go of minor annoyances, and finding joy in small daily instances can help foster healthy connections that make life amazing

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