Nowadays everyone in the world wants to learn a new language. However, in this article, we will tell you about the 6 reasons to learn the beautiful Italian language instead! Italian is the perfect language to seduce as it is melodic and harmonious. Furthermore, Italian is not spoken just in Italy, so it gives you many opportunities. Now let’s dive into 6 reasons why to learn Italian language is important.

1) Job opportunities

Italy, despite all the economic difficulties it has experienced in recent years, still remains one of the major world economic powers, as well as a member country of the G7.
Knowing the Italian language well offers advantages in finding work, not only in Italy, but also in many other countries, as there is a good demand for translators, interpreters and mediators who know the language and culture of the Bel Paese well, due to the its international economic and political relations.

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2) Traveling in the beautiful country

In Italy there is a lot to see such as:


Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore;

Basilica of San Marco;

Trevi Fountain;

Fontana di Trevi one of the most famous and most beautiful fountains in the world that grants your wishes, at least that’s what the legend says… The first time i was there i threw a coin, .and that wish actually came true so maybe there is something to believe in that

and delights to be enjoyed such as the legendary pizza or its wines. However, to fully immerse yourself in its culture you need to know the language and interact with the locals: only in this way will you be able to grasp all the nuances that this wonderful country has to offer! Many tourists fall in love with this country and decide to move into this beautiful country.

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3) Read the masterpieces of Italian literature

Many great literary works are nowadays translated into several languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc. However, a translation, however well done, will never be able to accurately convey the intentions, emotions and message that the original author had in mind for his work! Therefore learning Italian is essential. Indeed, if you want to enjoy the best of reading Dante’s Divine Comedy or Manzoni’s Promessi Sposi.

4) Train your mind

Numerous scientific studies, such as the one published in the Journal of Psychology and Aging by the University of York, have shown that speaking correctly at least one foreign language increases the ability to learn and the speed of understanding, favors the nervous system, refines hearing and attention and can delay or even ward off diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and senile dementia.

5) Seduce and find love

Italian is the perfect language to seduce as it is melodic and harmonious. Indeed, it will help you to conquer not only Italian men and women, but also anyone who is able to appreciate the beauty of its sounds and its rhythm! Knowing Italian is a guarantee of superior charm that few will be able to resist!

6) Fun and satisfaction

Studying Italian is not a repetitive and boring process! On the contrary, actually the learning process can be really fun and satisfying! In fact, as you progress you will feel more and more motivated to study and showcase the acquired knowledge!

Well, these are our reasons for learning the Italian language. Now, if you want to learn it and speak it like a native speaker, take a look at LNGUA. We found that this website teaches basic and advanced Italian for free. Don’t miss it!

Where in the world is Italian the official language?

Obviously, Italian is the official language in Italy. But that’s not all! So, there may be other good reasons to learn Italian language.

In fact, Italian is also an official language in San Marino, a mountainous micro-state within the Italian territory. Then we have the Vatican City and Switzerland: in the latter country it is the official language along with German, French and Romansh.

Furthermore, few people know that Italian is spoken and is also an official language in Slovenia as well as in Croatia!

Finally, it should be remembered that Italian is one of the official languages ​​of the European Union, therefore, if for any reason it is necessary, it is possible to contact the European institutions by writing in Italian. In addition, all European Union documents are also in Italian language!

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One more reason to learn it, right?

However, there are also some countries in which Italian, for historical and political reasons, has been the official language, but has lost this status. Consequently, although it is no longer an official language, it continues to be for some extent by the population!

In particular, in the Balkan regions and east of Italy, Italian was the official language in RijekaZadar and in the Dodecanese, in Greece, until 1947, in the Ionian Islands, again in Greece, until 1864, and in Dalmatia until to 1920. Moreover it was also in Monaco until 1919.

As for the African continent, Italian was the official language in Somalia until 1963. Last but not least, also in Libya until 1945 and in Ethiopia and Eritrea until 1943. Finally it was also an official language in Malta until 1934, and in the now French territories of Corsica (1859) and the city of Nice (1870).