The time making money should be greater than the time that you are spending money.    – Sophia Amoruso

According to the psychology of money, our behavior with money impacts our ability to earn more or less. The behavior you own regarding earning money may serve as your power or weakness. Hence, there’s no doubt that you can harness your mental powers and change your life by expanding your earnings. You simply need to explore your tendencies and then grow them in the right direction mentally to help them increase their money-making abilities. 

All in all, if you have heard about the magic of the mind and its psychological abilities to grow a person’s earning capacity, it’s certainly no myth. Once you understand how the psychology of the mind works, especially when it comes to understanding and boosting your earning tendencies, it is easier for anyone to change their lives.

All you need to do is understand the different psychological tricks or activities that can help you make more money, and tadaaa, you’ll be a millionaire in no time (Okay, not so soon, but it will surely get easier to earn a lot of money). So, without further ado, let’s explore more on such tricks below in detail. 

The Brain Psychology and Money-Making Tricks:

–        Tricking the Brain with Numbers:

Just because you’re working does not mean you’re making money.  – Billy Porter

Spending hours in a job isn’t always the key to making more money. Sometimes, it’s more about tricking your mind and boosting your ability to work in the right direction to earn more. A simple trick is to create a plan of achieving an hourly or daily income that sets your goals and targets higher than your expectations. In psychology, this is known as the Left Digit Effect, in which you end up tricking your brain into thinking of a lesser number, which is then easier to achieve.

For instance, if you’re earning $10,000, that makes $329 per day and $14 per hour. Now, if you look at it as a goal to earn $15 or $16 hourly, it doesn’t seem any harder for your brain. As a result, you trick your brain into seeing the smaller amount to sound it easier or achieve and then work on achieving and increasing that small amount. Now isn’t that a smart trick to train your mind how earning a small amount can be easier and more fulfilling by the end of the month?

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–        Promotion and Prevention Framing:

Most people today don’t understand that worrying about the things that may go wrong or how you can end up losing the chances of scoring well in a job or deal doesn’t help in winning it. This is more like prevention framing; we think of all the things that can go wrong while performing a job or planning your business/activity. Whereas, if you focus on promotion framing, thinking how well you can end up doing something, or how fun it can be, or how much others will enjoy and support it, it is easier to win that task or job. 

As a result, the psychology of promotion framing helps you focus on the GOOD and take out the juice from every choice you make – resulting in easier and faster money ease. So even if you FAIL in a job, your mind will extract the things you gained, making it easier to learn a lesson or understand the right choices for easy and bigger earning plans. 

–        Buying Time:

‘Money can’t buy happiness’

From the above-stated quote, it’s easier to analyze how money may not be the right way to win/earn happiness. But is that true? Or is it just the person who said this wasn’t familiar with any good shopping mall? You can only figure that out by understanding whether you are the materialistic person who aims to be rich and waste the hard-earned money on everything material or make productive use of it. And in that question lies another psychological way to trick your mind into earning more. Do you know how?

Simply put, when you buy services and ease, you buy more time for yourself. And if we talk about time – time does buy happiness! It can be like buying a lunch service or a washing machine or a full-time house help – all of it can save an immense amount of time for you. And with more time, you can invest in long-term happiness – like spending time with your family, being there for your children, going on a movie with your girlfriend, or anything similar. 

When you are happier in the time you buy, you are happier even after that time. So if you buy one hour from each day, you can think that you used the money to buy happiness. And being able to buy happiness, and feeling the same, is certainly a privilege that can help you stay more focused on winning big and earning more. Besides, when you can balance things, including work and family, that pleasing feeling helps you stay less bizarre and more focused in the time you are earning/working. Now isn’t that all we need? 

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The writer must earn money to live and write, but he must by no means live and write to make money.    – Karl Marx

Now that you are clear on how psychology can be a great prey to trick your mind into earning more, nothing stops you. So go make it big with your bank balance; it’s time you focus with all your MIND and conquer your goals. Happy Earning!

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