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400 Bamboo Cotton Swabs

400 Double Head Bamboo Cotton Swabs

400 Pcs Double Head Bamboo Cotton Swabs Eco Friendly Durable Wooden Cotton Buds Recyclable Biodegradable for Beauty Makeup and Nose or Ear Cleaning.

  1. Used as bamboo cotton swabs, cotton swabs wood sticks, organic cotton swabs, ear cleaning buds, reusable swabs ear, eco friendly cotton swabs, cotton tipped applicators, ear cotton swabs, wooden cotton swabs, bamboo ear cleaner, cue tips for ears
  2. Used for Beauty, Apply/Remove Makeup, Daily Household Cleaning, Arts & Crafts, Pet Care. Great for Babies Ear Cleaning, Keyboard and Everyday Cleaning. Portable Box for Travel.
  3. Organic cotton swabs made from renewable bamboo wood and top quality cotton. Bamboo sticks is durable and stronger than paper sticks that ensuring they are tough and will not snap easily when using.
  4. Cotton buds package with a box, made from recycled kraft paper material, It means even the packaging is eco friendly. The zero waste products, eco friendly products, waste free product, plastic free products for you choose.

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