Generations of children have grown up watching cartoons and animated series. In fact, girls imagine themselves as Disney princesses and boys as brave heroes. Yet, some violent cartoons can have a negative impact on behaviour as well. What effect do violent cartoons have on children’s behaviour? What are the negative effects of violent cartoons on a child’s development? In this discussion we will see: How violent cartoons can affect your child’s behaviour.

What effect do violent cartoons have on a child’s behavior?

We all grew up watching cartoons like ”Tom and Jerry” and ”The Road Runner”. These cartoons featured violent scenes but no smashing, killing or chopping. Nowadays, cartoons like “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and “Dragon Ball” are showing violence. Moreover, such cartoons have a negative impact on children’s minds. In fact, Professor L Rowell Huesmann, senior research professor at institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, USA say that there is a difference in Tom and Jerry era and the violence in cartoons now. The American Academy of Pediatrics says violent cartoons make kids nervous, aggressive, and disobedient. Another research has also proved that animated violence promotes aggression in children.

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Negative effects of violent cartoons on child’s development

1-Aggressive behaviour: Children may become aggressive and hyperactive in nature. Breaking toys and destroying things in common.
2-Stubbornness: Children watching violent cartoons experience deep stubbornness. Additionally, kids start assuming themselves in character and behave like them.

3-Desensitization: Children exposed to violent cartoons are less sensitive to pain and violence.

4-Destructive Behavior: Children show destructive behavior towards things. They make the violent heroes their role models and try to behave like them.

5-Immoral Behavior: Researches have shown that children who watch violent cartoons show more disobedience and bad behavior towards their parents and elders than others.

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What should you do as a parent?

The role of parents in controlling their child’s habits is vital. Keep a regular check on your child’s activities. Limit the number of hours for watching television. Engage your children to watch educational cartoons with no violence. Indeed, negative cartoons can Impacts your child’s behaviour. Help your children learn good behaviour practices. Always be there for your children to make sure they don’t suffer from depression or anxiety.

How to reduce the negative impacts and make it healthy entertainment?

  • Children must live a balanced life, watching cartoons and going to parks and live their free time in nature.
  • Parents must explain to their kids that cartoon characters are not real and that violent acts have no effect on them.
  • Some cartoons should have a certain age limit.
  • Parents should allow children to watch cartoons that can have a positive effect on them.
  • Discussion of characters among parents and children is a great way to talk with children.

Furthermore, negative cartoons can Impacts your child’s mind and behaviour in a harmful way. They can affect your child’s development and lead to immoral behavior. So, keep an eye on your kid’s activities. A parent’s duty is to teach them right from wrong.Must Read: How can fitness help you avoid anxiety?