Are you also thinking that watching television is getting awkward as it is wasting your time? Or do you think that it is having a bad impact on your child’s mental health? When it comes to changing the way information is shared and received over time (and across cultures), tv is among the most influential inventions. Many people have access to information thanks to television, and you can learn about politicians, science, history, geography, and culture in ways you never could before. Today, we are going to speak about whether is it important to watch TV nowadays.

Is watching TV beneficial or harmful for you?

Television plays a crucial role in our daily lives. It keeps us in touch with what’s going on in the world that we can’t see. When it comes to our private and public lives, we can’t live without it. The TV has numerous drawbacks to go along with its numerous advantages. Depending on whom you ask, television is either the source of all evil or your best friend. Some people attribute violent behaviour, consumerism, and misinformation in society to television, while others see it as a valuable tool for spreading knowledge and understanding around the world.

Advantages of watching television:

Television has a significant influence on our personal, professional, and cultural lives. TV channels, like newspapers and computers, are vital communication and development tools. Television gives accurate and real-time information across the globe. Some channels on television are solely devoted to instructing and educating their viewers. We learn about world history, ancient civilizations, and other historical facts from television. When used properly, television can be a valuable information tool. This allows people to stay up to date with economic, industrial, and political developments throughout the country

In the age of lockdowns and remote working, television can be a great way to combat loneliness. While some of us are fortunate enough to own country homes with large estates where we can accommodate our entire family, others are confined to cramped apartments with only one other person to socialise with. Television can give us all something to look forward to while talking on the phone with our loved ones.

Disadvantages of Watching Television:

Television can be very disturbing at times it can ruin your mental health and at the same time results in the wastage of a massive amount of time. Watching television can cause massive health damages for adults as well as children. Do you also think that television is becoming a measure of time wastage? Well, this is right to some extent. Let’s see some of the basic disadvantages of watching television:

1-Wastage of time:

Nowadays children and adults spend a lot of time watching Television, especially in undeveloped countries. In fact, many people who lives in Norway, Denmark or US don’t watch tv. Want to be like them? then follow some good documentaries instead of watching teledramas and news that shows just negative things. Many studies shows that people who watch news are those who first to lose their temper easily. There’s a lot of talks these days about being more productive, and technology is supposed to help us do just that. However, watching pointless television commercials and shows can be a huge waste of time. Do you agree? Well, most of the people do agree. It’s possible that we’d be better off if we avoided watching television and instead made use of our time.

2-Overburdens your brain:

Watching television before bed can overstimulate your brain, which is one of the biggest drawbacks. Late-night TV viewing is common because that’s when the best shows are on. However, watching too much television before going to bed can leave us feeling mentally exhausted from all the information we’ve just taken in.


Television has a well-documented drawback: it can make you tired. If you don’t feel like going out, stay in with your loved ones and watch TV. You can also choose to sit in front of the TV rather than doing your tasks, chores, and other important things.

Even watching television can become a problem if you become addicted to it. The more television someone watches, the more difficult it is to break the habit. Going home in the evening or school and doing nothing but watching your favourite Shows is an option for some people.

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4-Violence and Harmful content:

On television, there is a lot of bloodshed and depravity. This is particularly troubling for kids. According to some studies, watching acts of violence on TV increases a child’s likelihood of engaging in violent behaviour. Today’s television shows are chock-full of graphic violence this is still a contentious subject. It’s up to you whether or not you accept it as fact. Whatever the case may be, young people are especially vulnerable to the effects of violence if they are repeatedly exposed to it. Some people have developed a resistance to it, but for others, witnessing people fighting has a profound impact.

Seeing violence, lust, and criminality depicted on television has a negative impact on impressionable youngsters (and adults!). The likelihood of children engaging in aggressive or violent behaviour increases if they witness violent acts. Some TV viewers copy aggressive, crime, sex, or other risky behaviour individuals see on television and wind up in trouble, jail, or a hospital as a result of their actions.

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 5- Causing decline in Health:

Watching television is bad for your health. Obesity and excessive TV watching may be linked, according to some research. Viewing more than 3 hours of Television a day has been linked to a variety of health issues, such as behavioural issues, sleep issues, and even academic difficulties in children.

Overwatching television can lead to weight gain. Watching too much television can lead to sleep problems, behavioural issues, poor academic performance, and other health problems. Up to 12% of TV watchers are unhappy with the amount of TV they watch and consider themselves addicts, but “watch TV” people are unable to stop themselves from watching anymore.

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In conclusion, watching too much television can harm your health as well as your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. While television has its advantages, it also has drawbacks that must be considered. Utilize your time wisely and take calculated actions.