Everyone adores their parents and does not want to be apart from them. As our parents get older, they require even more care and attention than they did before. Most young adults nowadays are preoccupied with their careers and are unable to provide adequate care for their parents. It is not easy to place a loved one in residential care. Every year, many people find themselves in the same situation as you, feeling guilty or regretful abandoning their parents or elders in residential care. What are your thoughts? Does it worth bring your parents in a residential care because you are unable to properly care for them? Should you just get this thought out of your head because you know it’s not morally, correct?

This article will go over the facts and conditions of putting your parents in residential care. But is it actually a good thing to bring your parents into a residential care? DEFINITELY NOT!!! Because they spent their whole life raising you and taking care of you since the day of birth to until when you get married. It is appreciable if you’ll take care of your parents and help them when they are in need of you.

Residential care centres:

Residential care facilities are special facilities designed to care for elderly men and women. Older people, once they reach a certain age, require even more attention and proper care. The residential care workers and administration make certain that the elderly are provided with all of their needs in a timely manner. Furthermore, residential care facilities provide services to the elderly by providing appropriate bathing, eating, and resting facilities. Everything is well-organized and readily available.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to place your elderly relatives in residential care. You simply need to determine why are you doing so and what they require the most. Is this the type of interaction and discussion they desire with others? Alternatively, they require family support and assistance rather than spending time with others.

Reasons for sending parents to residential care:

There are many reasons due to which a young adult would bring his/her parents to the residential care centre.

  • Most people at old age now show negligence in eating, taking baths and performing their daily chores.
  • Their loved ones are becoming more confused and maybe they would get better after an interaction with people of the same age groups.
  • Your loved ones have forgotten how to take care of themselves.
  • They need more time and attention because they can’t stay alone and demand continuous company.

Sending parents to residential care:

You may be thinking that you are becoming mean or selfish because you can’t even take care of your parents. This may be the ideal time to take decision for your parents. Because they require continuous care. Are you trying your best in your limited time? But, still get anger because you are tired after a whole working day? Similarly, you would be unable to spend quality time with them due to the overburdening of responsibilities you are attempting to shoulder.

Sometimes, as parents get older, they become frustrated and require professional treatment and guidance to carry out their actions. Talking to people their own age relieves anxiety and keeps them far from falling into depression. On the other hand, if we keep them at home but do not provide them with adequate care, they will become lonely and begin to feel bad about it.

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Most of the time, you are not in front of your parents because you have other responsibilities too, like your job and career. It is not possible to say that I will quit my job and career and fulfil my responsibilities by staying at home. Therefore, in residential care, every time someone is very near to them, they will take good care of them. You can switch your routine sometimes and go take them out and spend some quality time with them. This will make them feel better and give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness too.

Taking decisions about putting parents in residential care can be very challenging, and some families delay this decision until something tragic happens. Actually, the fact is that with advancing age, we have to consider so many things. For example the deteriorating health of our parents and falling prey to fatal diseases that require complete care and undistributed attention. So, instead of being emotional, think wisely about your parents’ health. Then make the right decisions at the right age, because after a specific tenure, it is of no use.

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Take a good decision and let your parents live in a residential care centre where they will get proper care, support and love. Visit them often during your breaks. Take them on vacation or on holidays when you’re free.

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