A healthy lifestyle is crucial for spending a better life along with maintaining a healthy weight. So, for this reason many people opt fasting. But, is Fasting the only way to shed unwanted pounds? Does your body has to starve all day to achieve your goal of a better life? Certainly Not. Instead of fasting, a person should make healthy decisions. Additionally, What benefit is fasting if we will recapture the weight we reduced? Fasting leaves, one’s body hungry and deprived. To keep pounds off for a long time it is ideal to lose weight gradually. Moreover, many experts suggests that it is better to use a good diet plan to lose weight than fasting.

Why good diet for a better life?

On average losing, 1-2 pounds weight is generally recommended by physicians. It may look like a slow path, but it paves the way to long-term achievement. Adopting quick and short methods like fasting may help speedy weight loss but can cause immeasurable damage to one’s body. We may say that it does more harm to the body than good. Opting different methods for weight loss is a common practice, but one must know that starving and choosing a good diet to lose weight are different things.

Is choosing a good diet to lose weight better than fasting?

According to WHO a good diet plan paves the way to a better immune system and sound body. Where a fasting routine is similar to torturing one’s body and prompts an unhealthy lifestyle. Maintaining a balance between your diet results in miracles with your weight loss. A hundred-dollar rule is: Don’t skip your diets maintain them. It has been seen that consuming more calories in breakfast and less at dinner can assist in losing weight.

Doctors also prescribe low-calorie diets for a healthy way of weight loss and avoiding health problems.

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Major setbacks of Fasting:

Fasting for weight loss may be considered as a quick and short-term weight loss solution but it leaves long-term health drawbacks to one’s body. Fasting causes loss of muscle mass, weakening of bones, and long-term health issues.

1-Lack of nutrition:  Fasting leaves one’s body deficient in nutrients by washing away the essential nutrients from the body.

 2- Memory Loss: Fasting causes loss of memory, a person forgets everything easily. A good diet with essential fats and calories boosts brain functioning.

3- Hair Loss: Hair loss and loosening of hair are one of the problems created by fasting. Additionally, hair becomes weak and shows poor growth.

4- Disturbance in Metabolism: Metabolism plays a vital role in the body’s functioning and a disturbed metabolism is a barrier to a healthy lifestyle.

 In 2010, a study was conducted at Cornell University, the women were asked to fast for one day. They lost some weight, after that they were allowed to eat what they wanted. They could not stuff themselves but eat to their normal habits. After four days they regained the same weight they at the pre-fasting level. Researchers concluded that fasting slows down the metabolic rate. The same weight is regained after one quits fasting.

Fasting and Health issues:

Skipping meals and not consuming enough calories can cause several health problems and sometimes the situation can also become worse. Instead of weight loss by fasting here are some consequences:

  • Stones in Gallbladder                          
  • Feeling dizzy or weak
  • Headache
  • Dehydration and cold intolerance
  • Decrease in metabolic rate
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Loss of muscle mass

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The key to a better life:

Hence, if you want to spend a healthy life without fasting, you must adopt a good diet plan. Eating healthy and consuming the required amount of calories by controlling your meals can help you reach a good body weight. As the measures of spending life revolve around the motto: Eat, Sleep, and Be Merry.

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