“Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on opportunities of tomorrow rather than problems of yesterday” -Brain Tracy
Thinking elevates the activity of brain and prepares an individual for any task one has to face. On the other hand, overthinking occupies a brain like weeds in the garden. They fill it with negativity and eliminating the chances of success to have in future. Overthinking is one of the major causes of depression round the globe. Thinking too much leads to many diseases like hypertension, heart attack and several tumours. This article includes key points about how to prevent overthinking.


Negative thoughts circulating in an individual’s mind are the major cause of overthinking. Indeed, when a person feels bad, sorrows and grief, his mind diverts to thinking negatively in the way he overthinks and in result, he suffers with depression even more. In fact, crying over the spilt milk of the past or worrying about the future also make a person drown in overthinking.

Figure 1: Overthinking

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Thinking positive provides opportunities and chances of survival. It helps to find possibilities. But negativity plays a totally different role. It snatches opportunities and possibilities. Focus on have and can rather than if and but in order to be positive in any negative situation as well as to prevent oneself from drowning in the pool of overthinking. Every single person should control the reins of his thoughts before the fast-moving horse enters in the world of overthinking.


Research show that a person mourning over his past or the person who’s extra curious about his future does not reach peaks of glory. Despite the person who is dwelling every moment in the present leads a cheerful life free of all kind of sorrows and anxiety. Living in the present prevents oneself from depression and overthinking.


The deep blue sky with a bundle of clouds, the glaring mighty sun, gurgling streams, green valleys etc are few of the fascinating sites for a person to get rid off any negative thoughts. Observing the nature and penetrating this freshness in one’s soul can result in elimination of overthinking from his mind.


According to some studies, an individual overthinks the most when he is free. Indulging oneself in healthy leisure activities show to be helpful against the deadly disease of overthinking. Having a good leisure time with healthy activities like reading books, gardening, cooking, or baking etc can aid a man to stop overthinking.

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Throughout the day, there are a hundred thousand of thoughts traveling in every person’s mind. It depends purely on the person how to cope with the situation and make the most of his time. He has two choices in these circumstances, either to be a slave of his thoughts or the master of his thoughts. In the first case, he is handing over his self on the mercy of negativity which is going to ruin his life. On the other hand, in later case, he is the controller of whatever is coming to him and he prepared to defend himself from negative emotions which arise due to overthinking.


Consequently, overthinking is nothing but a disaster for human soul which destroys the mind making it paralyzed. Focusing on present, thinking positive, observing the nature, having healthy leisure activities and being the master of one’s thoughts are few of the things that are proved to be helpful against overthinking. Eliminating the root causes of overthinking makes man cheerful and relieved. Decorating the garden of mind with flowers of positive thoughts and eradicating the weeds of overthinking is what a person should do.

“Thinking too much leads to paralysis by analysis. It is important to think things through, but many use thinking as a means of avoiding action” -Robert Herjavek

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