What makes the word jealousy so negative? Does it come in the sense of envy? Yes, most of the time it comes in the sense of envy. Jealousy is just an emotion, and you might have heard this word in relationships because people feel sad or get jealous when they are afraid of losing someone they love, someone they adore. Most of the other bad qualities jealousy accompanies is having the fear of losing, anger, loss of patience, recentness, and depression. You might have also heard that “Jealousy destroys relationships”. Why is this so? It can be taken in both positive and negative aspects, but the effects and consequences are always negative and lead to the destruction of healthy relations, emotions and end up ruining your own life. Today, we are going through how to manage jealousy and why is it so important to manage.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is an emotion that most likely all of us have. Some of us express it more and some of us hide it because maybe we don’t have the situation to express it. Sometimes the situation gets worse when we express our jealousy and reshape it in the frame of anger and depression. This becomes the cause of hurting others too and becomes dangerous for our own mental health as well as for others who are present in our surroundings.

Jealousy isn’t always a bad emotion, it gets worse when it starts eating you from inside and destructs your mental abilities and you feel the desire to snatch someone’s success, their achievements or get involved in their relations.

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What triggers Jealousy?

Social Media: Nowadays it is the era of technology and advancement and people are always showing off their stuff and relations. This makes others feel that they are living the perfect lives and they don’t have any calamities in their everyday life.

People feel down and only see the good in their lives while ignoring the bad areas.

“The core of jealousy is insecurity”

Insecurity: Insecurity is one of the worst behaviours that lead to jealousy. This leads to the destruction of relationships and is very dangerous.

How to manage Jealousy?

If you want to manage jealousy the first you will have to make a decision that you want of get rid of this negative habit and then stick to your core aim until you vanish the negative thoughts from your mind because without consistency you can’t just achieve any target and getting rid of such strong emotion like jealousy that can harm yours and others mental health and emotional values is important. You might be wondering what are the ways that you should adopt in order to get rid of this disaster. Let’s see what are some tips and tricks that can help you in getting through these hard times:

Find the core reason:

Always try to figure out the core of the situation that is bothering you. Just explore all the situations from the beginning and keep your eye on every part of it to take note that what actually is bothering you and then try to find out the solution to that exact area that is provoking such an ugly response in you and your habits

Just figure out the thing that is bothering you it might progress someone working in this office your friend who is having a good relationship and you were not fortunate enough

Don’t react to your feelings:

Having a feeling of jealousy is quite natural and everyone can feel it. You get jealous when your near and dear ones try to get frank with others and you feel neglected. Always remember that it is totally fine to get jealous but reacting that way and letting it consume you is not good. Your partner or friend has to interact with the rest of the world too and their exposure is not limited to you. If they had to cheat on you they would not have selected you as a choice earlier. So try to keep your feelings to yourself and don’t let them spoil your relations and everyday mood swings.

Calm down and stay vulnerable:

Always remind yourself that you have chosen to be in the relationship or in that bond by yourself and no one forced you to do so. Therefore, never try to ruin your relations due to the misunderstandings created by jealousy. What do you think is worth doubting your partner due to your everyday messy thoughts? Well, your answer must be No! And It should be because it was you who had chosen to be around them. Give yourself someone time and let things calm down. Learn to accept things and get easy with them.

Appreciate yourself:

One of the reasons why you feel jealous is because of your low self-esteem and your reason for feeling down. Always try to appreciate yourself and tell yourself that you are not below anyone you also deserve respect and love. If you feel like you need some appreciation or affirmation don’t hesitate to ask for it and express to your loved ones that you need their support and respect for your betterment; this will also help you to become more confident.

Forget about the past:

People tend to feel jealous just because of the experiences they had in the past. They don’t forget their past experiences. Are you one of those? Stop crying over spilt milk and heal your wounds. This is the right time to let yourself breathe and don’t be a prisoner to the past and think about your future. Looking at someone who is having better relationship goals makes you jealous? Or does someone achieving a milestone in his career makes you feel disturbed? Don’t let the everyday issues bother your future and let your day be full of sunshine.

Trust yourself:

You all might have a heart that believing in yourself is the first step to success. Yes, it is 100% right because when you believe in yourself no one can stop you from going the extra mile to achieve your dreams, your career goals and your relationship milestones. Then you have less time to feel jealous and worry about the things that make you feel disturbed and irritated.

In conclusion, Jealousy is a normal feeling but ruining your day by coming under the influence of this feeling is of no use. Jealousy can take away the mental peace and emotions you have for your bonds. Having control over your emotions and feelings shows how self-organized and composed you are. Jealousy is not only limited to one person it becomes the cause of disturbance for everyone around you because your emotions start affecting others too and this creates a mess in the whole atmosphere.

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