Today more and more small savers are looking for good investment opportunities. For example, if you have savings of € 10,000, a good idea would be to reinvest this amount in order to protect it from inflation. In this article we are going to deep about how to invest $10,000.


However, the field of ” invest ” is not without risks and it is good to carefully evaluate each option available, the degree of risk and the timing of obtaining the return. There is no one-size-fits-all option, the best investment will depend on the rate of return you want to get, the degree of risk you want to face, the amount you have, the time within which to regain liquidity, as well as of course yours. personal skills, knowledge and skills in the financial and economic fields. Every good investment strategy, be it for small or large sums, will have to be carried out on the basis, and only after, the delineation of the investor’s profile and objectives.

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An advice that is always valid, whatever the amount you can invest, is to vary the investment methods, as well as to study and acquire knowledge. Having knowledge and skills is in fact always useful to approach the world of investments with more safety and rationality, choosing only truly effective investment methods. Furthermore, studying strategies to differentiate one’s investment, investing in different ways and in different geographical areas of reference, can guarantee a greater and more secure income at the same time as the risk of profitable investments will be counterbalanced by the safety of those with lower rates. reduced.

For all those who are looking for ideas on how to invest 10.000 euros today , let’s see together different investment options and methods with different degrees of risk.

Invest in Franchising

10,000 euros is a good sum to invest in the franchise . Currently the franchising market presents countless opportunities with low cost investments in the most varied sectors.

With 10,000 euros it is in fact possible to access various “turnkey” affiliation formats and open a business in profitable sectors such as services for individuals , assistance services for the elderly , advertising services and those aimed at companies , sanitation and sanitation with steam and ozone , as well as logistics and home delivery services (home and food delivery).

With 10,000 euros it is also possible to open a travel or meeting agency in franchising , a small typical grocery store or an activity with vending machines  (taking advantage of the advantages of selling without staff), without counting the many franchises operating entirely on the web and online .

Against an investment of 10.000 euros, joining a franchise guarantees many competitive advantages such as assistance, training, constant coaching, use of a well-known and consolidated brand as well as mature know-how and efficient and tested management methods.

However, franchising is a good option to invest € 10.000 only if you have a passion for the sector, if you have entrepreneurial skills and the desire to set up on your own, and if you are willing to take on a bit of risk, from which no business. business is exempt.

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Crowdfunding is the term used to define all forms of collective financing or bottom-up financing.
How it works : these are micro-investments or micro-financing disbursed by a group of people who intend to support a project or company for a remuneration / return or no (no profit).
How is it possible that a collective of people can invest small amounts in a project?
There are platforms that act as brokers and meeting points between companies or people with projects looking for micro-investors and savers interested in sifting through opportunities of this type. List below 7 platforms that offer the best returns:



Type: Lending
Category: Start Up and Innovative SMEs
minimum investment: € 20
Average return: 8% *
Description: Criptalia is a regulated crowdlending platform, which connects valuable SMEs that want to invest in a new growth project, with large and small investors looking for good, low-risk interest rates to invest in.
There is no entry and exit fee, all interests are yours. The platform earns from companies that want to promote their investment projects.
Go to the Cryptalia website



Type: Lending
Category: Real estate
Minimum investment: € 500
Average return: 9/10%
Description: Recrowd was created to offer the population of savers an alternative way of investing their savings. Innovating and simplifying the investment process, through lending crowdfunding . It was awarded in 2019 among the 8 most interesting innovative start-ups in Milan by SpeedMiup, the incubator of Bocconi University. Unlike other platforms, it offers different types of projects, different in terms of risk, investment, duration and ROI.
Go to the tab or Go to the ReCrowd website

wearestarting crowdfunding startup


Minimum investment: € 250
WeAreStarting is a regulated equity crowfunding platform that connects valuable startups and SMEs with anyone who wants to invest and support innovation. It offers an alternative way of investing your savings in companies that already have concrete foundations to aim for success and that are characterized by a solid business in the medium to long term, in order to contain as much as possible the risks that all those involved could run. .
Go to the card  or  Go to the WeAreStarting website



minimum investment: € 50
Average return: 9% *
Commissions: None
Description: crowdlending platform dedicated to industrial, ecological, real estate and technological conversion projects. Interest is paid monthly. It is therefore possible to lend money to companies that carry out conversion projects and have a yield between 7-10% with a monthly coupon; Unlike other platforms, interest is paid every month and not for the purpose of the transaction.
Go to the Re-Lender website


Type: Lending
Category: Real estate
Minimum investment: € 100
Average return: 9% *
Description: Italian lending crowdfunding platform specialized in real estate. The ultimate result of an idea developed during a long journey in the real estate sector of its promoters. In two years they have funded nearly 100 projects with an average ROI of 9%.
Go to the Trusters website



Minimum investment: € 10
Average return: 5-8% *
Description: Soisy SpA is the marketplace for loans between individuals to finance affiliated e-commerce purchases. It allows you to get a 4% rate with Return Guarantee and Automatic Reinvestment. If you want to make money, there are also opportunities for 5 to 8% gross expected returns, but without guarantee.
No minimum stay time and the possibility of freeing yourself at any time.
Go to Soisy’s website


Dropshipping is a sales system through which a seller exhibits and sells items and products in their online store without owning them. Once sold and payment is received from the buyer, the seller forwards the order to the parent company. Normally called as the “dropshipper”. Dropshipper, will take care of delivering the product directly to the buyer.
In this way, the seller is concerned exclusively with the advertising of the products. In this case, the seller don’t have to concern about tasks related to the packaging and shipping processes.

Here are the companies that offer to open a site for dropshipping.

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Investment starting from € 3,300

With the franchising you can open your e-commerce of green and eco-sustainable products for DIY and gardening by working in smart working.

Franchising Ready

Franchising Ready

Investment starting from € 250

It is the network of dropshipping shops that allows you to open an e-commerce site.



Investment starting from € 2,900

Start your e-commerce business in the most profitable sector of the moment. Thanks to MariJane you will be able to start your own legal cannabis business online, with the advantages of dropshipping.

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Investing in an entrepreneurial activity

10,000 euros can also be invested in your own business without franchising. Even if it is a relatively small sum to set up on your own, with an investment of 10.000 euros it is still possible to start, for example, a service business, a show and events agency, a vending machine or an e-commerce, taking advantage of the maximizing their skills and saving on initial investments in structures, machinery, physical locations, etc.

Investing 10,000 euros in an entrepreneurial activity will result in a medium – high risk operation as it will not allow differentiating the investment and will involve the acceptance of the business risk that unites all entrepreneurial activities. Before embarking on this path, we suggest you to understand what are the strengths and weaknesses of investing in an independent business. Even more, understanding which are the necessary requirements and elements to consider.

Start a Business

Certainly working on your own starting an entrepreneurial activity has many advantages in terms of personal fulfillment, the gratification of working for yourself, the possibility of transforming a passion into a business and still the complete freedom of decision-making and personalization of the activity, not to mention that all potential earnings and profits will be entirely yours. On the other hand, starting an independent business requires an enormous economic and time commitment (and therefore energy), determination, foresight, as well as the necessary skills and skills in the management, organizational, entrepreneurial, financial, etc.

To ensure that the investment is really profitable, before starting your business it will be necessary to carry out the usual market surveys, sector analyses, feasibility and cost studies, the realization of the business plan, the estimate of potential earnings. , and so on. In addition to taking inspiration from new profitable and trendy entrepreneurial activities, it will also be good to consider all those “evergreen” business sectors, that is always profitable and characterized by solidity and durability over time, such as catering, aesthetics, well-being, the food sector, the medical and health-related sectors, leisure activities, etc.
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Investing in BTP, BFP, Social Trading, Stock Market and Bond Market

For those who do not want to start a business, there is also the possibility of investing 10,000 euros in BTP (Buoni del Tesoro Poliennale) and BFP (Postal Interest Bonds).

Government bonds (BTPs) have always been considered one of the safest investments, with the lowest risk and able to guarantee an income over the years. However, also due to the various initiatives of the ECB, the yield of BTPs has increasingly reduced.

Even the BFPs, guaranteed by Poste Italiane, are like BTPs a safe investment with a constant income. However, as with BTPs, BFPs also guarantee a very low income and in a very long time.

Social Trading

10,000 euros is a good amount to invest even in riskier solutions. Online trading is one of the most risky solutions. Indeed, it requires, a lot of knowledge and skills that can be acquired through years of study, specialized courses, etc. For those who do not have so much time available, but still have solid basic knowledge in the financial field, a good choice is to invest 10.000 euros in Social Trading. With social trading, through platforms designed specifically for this purpose. Less experienced investors can literally copy the strategies of professional traders, choosing them based on the rate of profit or the level of risk of their strategies. But, you need to be very careful in this case. In fact some of these investors are ready to lose even 10k at time.

Another relatively high risk solution, but which with the right precautions and skills can prove to be much more profitable, is to invest part of the 10.000 euros in the stock and bond market. The shares and bonds may be state-owned (therefore covered by a guarantee) and carried out both nationally and internationally. But they can be also private, indeed you have to check it. Investing in shares or bonds in private companies allows you to acquire securities in historical companies and market leaders. In innovative and technological activities, in start-ups, becoming a shareholder or having the right to the share of profits due to shareholders.

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Invest in a Deposito Account

A safe way, even with low returns, to invest 10.000 euros is to open a deposit account. The amount invested is in fact 100% in good hands, up to sums of 100.000 euros. In this case the time required for the sum will be higher and the earning rates not very attractive; suitable for defending capital from inflation.

Invest in Refuge Assets

A good solution to “safe” the 10.000 euros , or part of it, concerns the investment in precious metals such as gold, or in other safe-haven assets whose value always tends to increase in the long term. In addition to metals and precious stones, 10.000 euros can also be invested in “luxury” agricultural products (considering the perishable nature, it will be necessary to buy shares in companies that manage their production or marketing), or in works of art (in industry knowledge or expert guidance is required in this case).

Investing in Virtual Coins

It is also possible to consider the possibility of investing part of the 10.000 euros in virtual and digital currencies. Digital currencies are such as the well-known Bitcoin and Ethereum. To invest effectively in virtual currencies, however, you will need to have important knowledge in the sector.

Develop a Small Home Business or a Second Self-employment

Having a “small” budget of 10.000 euros available, it is also possible to decide to invest in yourself, starting a small business from home or a second self-employed job, perhaps to be combined with another primary employment activity of a subordinate nature. Indeed, the perfect option might be starting an online business from home as a part time job. In fact, many people start their e-commerce business while they have permanent job. As mentioned earlier, there are few things to consider starting a business like strengths and weaknesses.

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