Entering to the world of work is now much more complicated than in the past, especially when you are at your first work experience and you cannot yet count on a rich curriculum with references from past jobs. Many young people who are struggling to find employment therefore decide to invent a small unsubordinated job to be carried out independently in order to enter the world of work as soon as they have completed a course of study or perhaps by combining work with a university education. In this article you will read about “how to get your first job at 16?”.

For young people with little budget and little time, in case you are pursuing a course of study, there are many possibilities to set up on your own and invent a job. The fundamental aspect when inventing a career on your own is to make your passions meet with your skills but also, and above all, with the demands of the market in which you operate.

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Some ideas for working independently, even from home:

Especially for the youngest, it is often convenient to invent a job that can be done from home or with the home service of applicants.

Furthermore, by now the new generations have an incredible familiarity with new technologies and the web, it is therefore good to take advantage of the skills with websocial and online marketing to start a functional business and to make themselves known, without particular costs. Here are some job ideas for youngsters who’s desire is to earn some cash to party with their friends.

Some ideas:

  • Babysitter; For all those who have creativity and love children. This is not something new between youngsters or college students.
  • Electronic equipment repairs; For those with skills and passion for smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Freelance blogger / writer; You can decide whether to open your own website / blog or work on commission. There are websites like Fiver, where newbies can sell their talent to those who are in need. Indeed, did you know that there are some young people on Fiver that earn million of dollar doing what they know?
  • Online shop / flea market; Reselling old, unused items or artisanal creations can be simple and profitable. Even more, the happy news is that you don’t have to have your own website to sell these products. you can sell these products on websites like eBay or amazon.
  • Tutor for teens and children; Repetitions in different subjects, foreign languages ​​or for the use of computers, for those with good academic skills and knowledge. Furthermore, you can create a YouTube channel and teach what you know to million of students while earning.
  • Dog and Pet Sitter; This is like babysitting, nothing new to this world. There are people who travel around the world and need someone to take care of their domestic animals. Just make a post on Facebook or Twitter so these people can find you easily.

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  • Graphic; Also in this case, if you have creativity and good graphic skills, you can work on commission. Fiver works here as well, or you can create your own website to promote your work.
  • Household cleaning / removals / repairs; For all those who know how to do a bit of everything and love manual work.
  • Cook at home; For those with skills and love for cooking, this is a new and highly sought after service. But not just cooking, you can also write books about what you make. Indeed, today there are so many cooking books on Amazon. Even more, uploading your cooking videos on YouTube may be a great idea. In fact, today many people show their talents on YouTube while they earn.