Having a relationship based on mutual respect is very rewarding, produces well-being and can be very supportive. Personal development is mutual and both members of the couple learn in a unique and wonderful way. When we talk about Twin Souls, we are referring to that particular interconnection that binds two or more souls with a single destiny: that of meeting, life after life, and evolving together along the path of spiritual evolution. So, how to find your soulmate?

Twin Souls stimulate and help each other in the path of spiritual growth, often one comes to the aid of the other, precisely because in the first place, they have a destiny to reach, based on past lives already lived. We live in the Age of cosmic awareness and everything that happens has its own reason for being, nothing belongs to chance; therefore, even our reunions, our encounters, belong to a well-defined cosmic program.

“There is always someone in the world waiting for someone else, whether in the middle of the desert or in the heart of some big city. And when these two people’s paths cross and their eyes meet, the whole of the past and the whole of the future lose all importance, and there only exists that moment and that incredible certainty that everything under the Sun”

Paulo Coelho

Who are Twin Souls?

Who are the Twin souls or better how to find your soulmate? The question that many ask themselves is: “ Why do Twin Souls exist? “. Surely the Soulmates are not an invention of who knows who, but they are actually a reality that concerns the being, understood as a spiritual being of course. We can define our soul as “incomplete”, “not evolved”. Therefore we are on this planet, life after life, with certain characteristics looking for our soulmate. So that we can manifest ourselves in our integrity and ensure that destiny is fulfilled.

What if I don’t want to have a partner?

Simple answer is “you don’t have to find for your soulmate”. This is a very personal matter as many people have other priorities in life than having a partner, which is a respectable choice. For these people, having a couple relationship can even clash with the lifestyle they want to lead, and for this reason they decide not to have it.

Having a partner is a choice. Indeed, you don’t have to find a soulmate just because other people say it. It is not mandatory since it depends on what everyone wants for their life; it is possible to live perfectly without a partner, since our value as persons and our satisfactions do not depend on the presence of a partner or not .

Relationships that you have say a lot about ourselves, about our insecurities, vulnerabilities and fears.

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Finally, how to find a soulmate? A meeting between Soul Mates is that moment in which an individual becomes aware that something is missing, and that something is an important piece. It is fundamental in one’s existence, because it reminds him or her of something that is hidden from the eye of the mind and that resides in the heart.

Unlike commonplaces, it is not so obvious that we will get to marry, or in any case to live together with the Soul Mate most closely connected to us. Twin Souls, precisely because more than one can most likely be reserved for us, because the families of souls proceed together. So, it can be quite natural to marry or live with a person who is not our Soul Mate. But it is still a soul that specifically has something to teach us, or it is we who have something to teach that soul. Translated it means that we can meet one of our soul mates when both are already engaged and have created a family in your current life.

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This happens because the relationship between Soul Mates lasts for many lifetimes, but only on a spiritual level, while we can physically live with another soul in karmic agreement. But it may also be that our soul mate has not incarnated during our existence and protects us from beyond, like a Guardian Angel. Or, as in the desires of many people, our soul mate identifies with our Partner or Lover, with that person who emanates towards us a need to be together that escapes the ordinary reasons of attraction and overcomes all human considerations, becoming a feeling of completeness and contentment for no reason.

Destiny of Soul Mates

Sometimes, you don’t have to find your soulmate. Each of these “options” is not a coincidence or a cause, but is the destiny of the soul mates who are always destined, in one way or another, to meet, even if only for a moment. Sometimes a meeting of a few minutes is enough to change our life forever. And who can have this disruptive force on us, if not a soul mate?

Being with your soul mate is like feeling at home, it is a special relationship, in which you don’t have to act, pretend or appear, because the affinity that binds us is immediate, deep and “ancient”, as if you have always known each other. Therefore, probably not a person with the same interests or opinions as ours, for the simple fact that the attraction that is created is much deeper and more mysterious and does not concern the superficial layers of the personality, as it comes from our own family of souls. Soul families arise from what is esoterically termed a root soul, or super soul. In ancient times and generating, over time, many soul-companions, and indeed, twin souls. 

One thing to keep in our mind is that, there was a time with no internet or technology. In contrast to today, many people found their soul mates within their city, university or at work. Nowadays unluckily, we are not focus on just one person. Indeed, we continue by scrolling our Instagram search page and stalking the most beautiful girl or boy. Even more, nowadays young people don’t have patient. Therefore, once they argue with their soul mate, they text to another person and continue believing that this new person is better than their current soul mate. Be patient in love, and not impatient!

Mutual Feelings

And this explains why the mutual feelings between Soul Mates are by far the most intense that a soul can feel for another soul. Soul families are nothing but the macrocosm, in a spiritual plane, of our traditional family seen from a material, microcosm plane. This is why it is difficult to explain what two or more Twin Souls “ feel ”, it is an immediate, spontaneous and inexpressible soul intimacy with the usual relational parameters.

I often hear many people say, “Why don’t I meet my Soul Mate? ”. The answer is quite simple: the Soul Mate is not to be sought, it is not in our faculties. These encounters are matter of destiny. You simply have to have faith and be ready, because they will certainly happen. Subsequently, after the meeting, it will be free will to decide, fate puts in front of us a gift like the Soul Mate, but we must be able to be able to listen to our Heart. The more we are awakened, the more likely it is that the decision is based on love.

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My advice is always the same, live in the present moment, live to the fullest what you have in front of you now. Whether it is your family, your current history, what is close to you, live it! Do not always remain with the hope towards the future, that someday something better will come. Begin to appreciate what you have now; Get in touch with the current beauty of your life. Go deep, because love is not something you can see at first sight. Sometimes, you can find it in stormy relationships full of difficulties, or in a family full of problems. Because you may have your Soulmate under your eyes every day and not notice it. Get out of the stereotypes of advertisements, of the perfect families of the white mill or of the rich boyfriend, real life is quite another thing.

Love is a very lively phenomenon, it is not farce and it is not simulation. Trust your intuitions, your feelings and listen to your heart, always, because it speaks to us beyond any doubt. Even more, don’t rush in love, learn to resist and be patient. Most importantly, don’t give favor to one person’s appearance. Have faith in the little things, and the Universe will give you all of itself, because only those who choose the state of Heart and Love can read the synchronicities that the Universe places in the path of Destiny.

What does a healthy couple relationship consist of?

On many occasions we relate to people whose company we do not feel gratified by, but who can remedy a disappointment or dissatisfaction.

The experience of living love in a couple relationship is a path of mutual maturation in which you learn many things about yourself by exchanging tastes, passions and pleasures, but also difficulties, fears and shortcomings that correspond to your inner openness with the other person with whom it was decided to unite on an emotional level. In this way, usually you may start feeling certain intimacy aspects with this person. This may not usual with others.

The couple relationship stops being healthy when it implies a need, an emotional dependence, placing our value in the other person. This way of binding can be very dangerous.

With a partner or not, the most important thing is first of all to love yourself, appreciate yourself and respect yourself. In this way, whether you want to find a soulmate or if you don’t want this, you can bond emotionally to others in a satisfactory way, these being the cornerstones of a healthy relationship. After all, the goal of having emotional bonds with others is to feel good . Despite this, it is essential to distinguish between the need to obtain this well-being through someone and the desire to share it. A healthy relationship presupposes acceptance, so as to share who we are with the other person in a common space that also allows us to have the right to enjoy our own space.

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Why does one get the idea that it is necessary to have a partner?

In today’s society it is common to have a partner or at least that’s what we have been led to believe. It is common in social medias, in the literature and in the form of education we receive. For sure you will remember more than one family member who asked you “when do you find a boyfriend / girlfriend?“. Looking for a partner seems like an obligation, making us feel bad if you don’t have a one.

This idea has also been instilled through films and stories in which extreme importance is given to romantic love, to princes and princesses, to the existence of the better half and to the fact that it is normal to suffer for love; all those common myths that pop into your mind like “you have to have a partner to be happy”.

Marriages and couples have established themselves in our culture as a fundamental nucleus in the organization of communities. However, many people decide to remain single, whether it is for a fixed period of time or for the rest of their lives.

The important question in this topic is knowing that having a partner is part of a choice, not a need. Therefore, you don’t have to find your soulmate, but she or he will comes to you if it is within your destiny.

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