Nowadays, after entering the professional world, people become involved in drug use and sex. Such things continue, and eventually, their life is controlled by drugs and having sex. Are these habits, a healthy way to live your life? What are your thoughts? Certainly, most of us believe that they are not a good way to live and can lead to a variety of problems in the future. But how can we enjoy our lives if we don’t have sex and drugs? Of course, we can.

Let’s talk about how we can live a happy life without falling into these bad habits.

Spending a happy life without drugs and sex:

Addiction to drugs can cause a slew of issues in your life. Drugs can ruin your life and make it as bad, from destroying your mental and physical health to causing abnormal changes in behaviour. Initially, drugs calm and relax you, but as time passes, you become addicted to them and cannot find an escape from this activity.

Drugs can make your life more enjoyable by relaxing you and providing you with peace of mind. But have you ever considered the negative effects it may have on your health? Addiction can be fatal and can lead to health problems such as cancer. If you or any of your friends are addicted to drugs, try to break the habit. You can overcome addiction by developing trust and talking to someone.

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When you start taking a lot of drugs, it becomes difficult to live a happy life without them. Professional-level help is very important for breaking this habit because it can help you in making a good difference, whereas the importance of help provided by family members and friends is also very important and cannot be overstated.

Quitting addiction can enlighten your life in terms of both physical and mental health if you break the habit.

When we talk about having sex whenever we get the chance, it can be detrimental to our future lives. Having these kinds of activities in your life prior to marriage can cause problems in the future.

The results of a survey of 2,035 people who were now married, dubbed “RELATE,” revealed that couples who had sex after marriage had more stable relationships. According to statistics, Americans go on three dates before entering into a physical relationship with each other. What guarantee do you have that you know everything there is to know about that person? What if you don’t intend to spend the rest of your life with them? This condition can have a devastating impact on both parties’ lives because such habits can lead to a variety of disadvantages.

As a result, breaking such habits is critical. It is not the only way to enjoy life, but there are numerous other ways to live it to the fullest without regrets or sorrows.

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What else can I do?

You can spend your time in doing a variety of other hobbies and activities to spend a good time. To pass the time and learn a new skill, you could purchase a good musical instrument and learn about it. You could also pursue arts and drawing. This can also assist you in having a good time. You can paint marbles, do gardening, watch movies or seasons, or do any other activities. Reading books and novels can also be an enjoyable activity. Going out with friends or spending time with family and co-workers. Plan a vacation or any other enjoyable activity to keep yourself entertained. All of these activities are not harmful to your health and can help you pass the time. As we’ve seen, there are a plethora of activities for passing the time. So, instead of chasing after the harmful ones, start looking for the innovative ones that can provide you with satisfaction and mental peace.


Take charge of your own destiny. Become your own leader, and teach yourself the difference between the right and wrong path. Keep yourself on the right path and refrain from following the evil one. Nobody cares about you more than you care about yourself. Drugs can lead to a variety of physical, behavioural, and health issues. Furthermore, recognise that having sexual relations is not beneficial. It can also cause a slew of issues. As a result, always try to find happiness in things that are beneficial to your mental and physical health.

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