If you want to create a website to promote your business, your association or share your hobbies and passion online, choosing the right WordPress template is definitely the first step. Before seeing in detail how to choose the best theme, let’s focus for a moment on what the WordPress platform is and what it offers.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is today the best known and most used CMS (Content Management System) in the world .

Its huge popularity is due to many factors: the ease of use, the large community of developers who contribute to the creation of updates and plugins, its ability to support different types of websites and being the best platform from a point of view.

What is a WordPress template?

A WordPress template (WordPress theme / WordPress theme) is a graphic template, a structure that aims to layout the contents of a web page, whether they are texts, images, videos, buttons, icons, etc.

Building a website starting from a template saves a lot of time compared to writing native code. Furthermore, once you have chosen the most suitable theme from which to start, with the right modifications and customizations it is possible to create a website with a unique design.

How to choose the best theme

The choice of the theme to use for the creation of a website is very important. Many times it can determine the success or failure of an entire web project.

The website is an online showcase, and as you know there is no second chance to make a good first impression. It is therefore essential to select the WordPress template that best suits your reality, among the almost 45,000 themes available on different websites. We recommend RFOXWEB.

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Here are the characteristics to always take into consideration to make a correct selection of the theme to use.


A template must be beautiful, graphically appealing, as you know, even the eye wants its part. An aesthetically beautiful site will surely have a positive impact on the bounce rate, preventing users from leaving the site after a few seconds. RFOX, will help you to find your perfect template and it will help you to grow your business or portfolio.

At the same time, however, it is necessary to choose a theme that best represents your business. A consultancy company, gym, restaurant or online t-shirt shop will not be able to use the same theme. Instead, they will need a completely different graphics and communication style.

When searching for the right WordPress template, you must also consider the goals you want to achieve by publishing a website online. Increase online purchases, improve your brand reputation, communicate new services, reach a new target or others. Different goals need to use different strategies and consequences of different graphic styles .

Some realities could opt or be best represented with a Multi page site, others with a One page. Our advice is to opt for a theme that already has both options. So that you can make a website layout change without having to resort to implementing a new theme.

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Each theme is characterized by particular features and it is therefore very important to evaluate how well these adapt to our needs and purposes.

Based on the type of website to be created , compatibility with any plugins must also be checked. If I want to create an e-commerce site, its compatibility with Woo Commerce will be fundamental, if I want a site in multiple languages ​​with the WPML plugin and if I intend to focus on SEO with Yoast SEO.


Connections from mobile and tablet today exceed those from PCs and the numbers are destined to rise more and more. Having a responsive website, which adapts automatically according to the device from which it is viewed, is of primary importance.

In this regard, Google, to date the most used search engine in the world, has declared that non-responsive sites will suffer penalties in terms of ranking in the organic results.

responsive wordprss schowcase template


In addition to the aesthetics, functioning and characteristics of a website, it is also necessary to think about the more technical part. A website must always be in line with the new regulations and indications of the network.

For this it is essential to choose a theme for which new updates are regularly made available. In this way it is also possible to guarantee high levels of security , in fact, every time there is a problem related to the security of a theme, the developers eliminate it with a new update.

Another important factor is assistance, positive evaluations on the subject by other users are important to choose a theme at the expense of another. An effective assistance allows you to save a lot of time and solve any problems quickly and easily.

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Customizing a WordPress template

Having identified the most suitable theme for the web project to be created, we proceed with the customization of the template to make it in line with our Brand Identity. Both graphically, uploading the logo and customizing colours and fonts. Both by adding captivating images and creating original texts that help and guide the user in understanding the communicative message and the services / products offered.

The website is nothing more than another channel used for the promotion and advertising of one’s own reality. For this reason, it is of primary importance that it respects and is in line with the corporate coordinated image.

Restyle of the website

The rules of the web recommend that the website be redone or restyled every two years or so. The web is constantly evolving and changing very quickly. The dictates of two years ago may no longer be in use today.

This need is motivated by the changing needs of users , by more modern navigation methods or simply by new aesthetic trends.

In any case, refreshing a website with new content (images, videos, texts, web pages) or with a new graphic layout can only be something positively evaluated. It can offer new content to regular users but above all intrigue and attract new ones.

Furthermore, periodically updating the pages of your website is a very appreciated practice by search engines. In this way have new material to index within their brain.

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Choosing to create a website for your own reality is certainly an excellent decision if you want to save money and thus be able to expand your audience.

The creation of a website always starts from the choice of the most suitable WordPress template, capable of conveying the image and the message in the most optimal and functional way possible.

To get the most out of a website, however, it is not enough to choose the right theme, constant updating and particular attention to the proposed contents are the key to obtaining lasting success over time.

Do you want to create a website but you don’t know which theme to choose? Contact us!
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