We can’t imagine spending our lives without the use of social media. Our phones are probably the first and last thing we see every night before going to bed. How is this modern era of technology and advancement affecting our relationships? No matter technology is connecting the two ends of a globe, but it can also ruin your healthy relationships. The use of technology will decide that how it will have an influence on your life. Relationships and togetherness are a part of our lives they help us feel connected and safe. In this article we are going to speak about “how Social Media affects on relationships”.

Positive impacts of Social Media:

Social media has many positive impacts on our everyday lives especially when we talk about our relationships. Everything has its own pros and cons, and the effects depend upon the way we make use of it. Therefore, making good use of social media can create many positive effects and betterment in our relationships. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of using social media while being in a relationship.

Helps single people meet each other:

Social media is a huge platform that allows people from all over the world to connect with one another and learn about one another’s lives. As a result of the proliferation of online dating services and compatibility checkers, it’s easier than ever before to find a partner or friend. According to a tinder app survey, 80% of users believe that the app has made their lives easier.

It keeps you connected to your partner:

Social media is the best platform for keeping in touch, especially for people in long-distance relationships. Whether it’s sharing a meme or sending quick snaps, social media has played an important role in keeping the partners connected. Furthermore, people in long-distance relationships feel more at ease and attached to smartphones. So they do not feel lonely or completely cut off from their partner.

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Relationship advice from experts:

Social media can also be used to teach or guide you in your relationships. There are many bloggers and psychotherapists who provide expert advice to people without judgement, allowing them to improve their relationships without comparing them to others or fantasizing about them. Instead, the major areas of improvement will be addressed.

There are numerous websites that provide free relationship advice, and you can also join various groups and ask other people your age to assist you in resolving your issues.

Gathers our Memories:

When we chat, we send each other pictures or other items that make us happy and make us feel connected. There are several options in social media that collect our monthly or yearly memories and remind us of the good happy times, strengthening our relationships and connecting us better than before.

Negative Impacts of social media:

Unrealistic relationship expectations:

Finally, how Social Media affects on relationships? People nowadays are obsessed with their relationships and look up to certain role models. This destroys their personal space and causes annoyance among partners as a result of constant expectations and ungratefulness.

You may begin to feel down if someone else is having a better day or if your partner is not giving you the same amount of attention. It’s all about making stupid comparisons and decisions that destroy your relationships.

Feeling of Jealousy:

Nowadays, Social Media affects relationships by leading couple jealousy because seeing your partner comment on other people’s posts and talking to other people can make you feel jealous.

Excessive use of social media can increase the likelihood of mistrust between partners, leading to breakups and silly arguments between couples, causing inconvenience.

Distracts you from spending quality time with your partner:

In this era of social media couples spend most of their time scrolling and going over memes of social media. This can distract them from spending quality time with their partner. Outings and spending time with your partner can strengthen your relationships.

Always practice valuing time in your relationships and this will immediately have a positive impact on your relationships apart from just scrolling over the social media apps all day.

Mental health issues:

Constant addiction to social media can cause many mental health issues because people will become more and more distracted from their relations and will spend more time on social media apps.


The excess use of anything is bad therefore try making the use of social media that is beneficial for you and your relationships and does not distract you from your responsibilities and togetherness. Relationships are all about healthy connections so, try to make the use of social media that impacts your relations only in positive ways and try to save your relations.

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