Why are healthy foods important? How these foods affect our life? What healthy foods to eat every day? Food is an essential part of one’s life. Having good and healthy eating habits not only increases life duration but also saves a person from many health issues. Staying healthy physically will also help you stay fit emotionally. Here, we will discuss in detail, which foods to add to your daily eating habits for spending a sound life.

Top 9 Foods for a healthy life :

1 Olives: Olives are evergreen small fruits. Having an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect they are rich in polyphenolics, flavonoids and Vitamin E. Olives are rich in many nutrients and green and black olive are equally beneficial. Olives work majestically for lowering cholesterol levels.

2Fish: Fish is also known as a ‘’brain food’’. They are rich in fatty acids, DHA, EPA and boosts brain functioning. Eating salmon fish 1-2 every week. Being rich in Omega 3 and lower cholesterol levels. They also help ease atherosclerosis.

3-Beans: Beans are also known as a powerhouse for one’s body. They are a type of legume highly enriched with proteins. Consuming beans for 3-4 weeks can work remarkably for one’s body. Beans lower the risk of obesity, heart risks, and diabetes.

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4Vegetables: Vegetables are a rich source of Anti-oxidants. Leafy green vegetables are a rich source of Vitamin K that help in strengthening of bones. Whereas, Carrots and Sweet Potatoes are rich sources of Vitamin A which promotes healthy skin and eye care.

5Almonds: Almonds help live a longer life. They are rich in Vitamin E, fiber, and biotin. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, almonds helps lowering risks of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory disease.

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6-Whole Grains: Adding whole grains, pastas, brown rice to your meals can work amazingly for your health. Whole grains have the ability to lower the risk of cancer, type two diabetes, and heart diseases. They also aid in fighting stomach problems like constipation.

7-Tea: Tea is one of the favorite foods for weight loss. A cup of tea acts as a booster for metabolism and lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases by 5%. Tea also has anti-aging effects.

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8Apples: You might have heart ‘‘ An apple a day -keeps the doctor away ‘’.Apples have unlimited benefits from weight management to bone strengthening. They control the risk of cancer, Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases. Also, they lower the risk of diabetes type 2.

9Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, and Vitamin K. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, and control weight gain also lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy foods leading to a longer life:

For spending a sound and healthy life one must keep a check on his diet. Indeed, eating the right meal at the right time is equally beneficial for one’s body and mind. Keep a check on your diet, and take a step towards your good health and longer life.

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