Most of you are probably wondering what the point of going to college is in 2023. Especially when everything is easily accessible on the internet and requires less effort and saves time. Most of you have probably completed your secondary education and now debating whether you should continue your studies or not. There are also some who don’t go to college because they want to start working right away. Is this the right choice or is such a choice will save you from getting defeated in this battle. In this article we will dive into “Do I still have to go to college in 2023?”

Should I go to college?

When you ask this question, it indicates that you have many pending thoughts in your mind. You may also believe that the COVID pandemic has thrown off your work-life balance. However, we must state that college is still very important in this century. It has still a lot to do with grooming and personality development.

Let’s, see some of the points that justify the importance of a college education in your life.  

Students try to save money:

Most young students consider taking the easy route and learning online in order to save money. If you think about it, you will realize that a college education is actually an investment in your brighter future. Although this thought is not specific to the students of 2021, it applies to all students. But keep in your mind that the college degree has no value as in the past. In past we are used to see graduated people who got hired for higher salary. Nowadays, its more competitive because almost everyone has gone to college. In fact, there is no doubt that within the next 10 years if employees will ask you a mechanical bachelor’s degree to just change the flat tire at the gas station.

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Disruption in Economy due to COVID:

The entire economy system fell down in this COVID era, and the job market is in search of the most competent people due to the availability of fewer vacancies, and they want to hire the best people. A college degree will help you stand out from the crowd and prove your worth. Within simple words, this means you must be a top student to be hired. The reason is, there are so many graduated students around the job market from all around the world.

Serve as a Ticket out of poverty:

Many people in poor countries consider college degrees as “tickets out of poverty” because, as previously stated, the job market is looking for competent individuals, and only your college degree will help you get out of this difficult situation.

According to a recent survey, 65% of the jobs in the United States require at least a college degree. But don’t forget about the college debt. Sometimes, college debt in countries like US may become up to $54.000 as the 4 years bachelor’s degree are expensive as much as $100.000 to $200.000 excluding living expenses.

Networking and building strong connections:

College is all about making new friends and networking. When you interact with new people, you develop a sense of satisfaction and togetherness, which boosts your confidence. Aside from that, building networks can help you with job searches and will benefit you in the future.

In fact, in the US there are some social classes like communication, where you improve your communication and socializing abilities. This may help you one day to make a presentation in front of vast number of audience.

Career support and providing Proper guidance:

Most colleges have specific committees or organizations that assist students in making decisions about their future. They also assist them in determining what they are truly interested in and which profession to pursue while keeping their academic goals in mind.

People with college degrees earn more and get more facilities:

Young students having a college degree earn far more than those who are simple school graduates. Moreover, the college graduates are also offered many packages based on their abilities and policy of company but they are very beneficial for the success and betterment of a student.

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Earning a college degree can give you mental satisfaction:

Having a sense of accomplishment is always preferable. Isn’t that, right? Yes, certainly it is. If you pursue your college degree, you will have the mental satisfaction and inner peace of knowing that you have cut half of your budget and now you have come half of your struggle and soon a good job and a bright future awaits you.

Without a doubt, in this era of technology and continuous advancements. However, if you add some hardships to the journey, it becomes even more beautiful. There is no doubt that everything has now come within our reach, and there is no need to rush to institutions and pay a large sum to enrol in the same courses that are now available on the internet. Can these online courses, however, help you develop both personally and professionally? No, they will only assist you in gaining knowledge, but grooming is a part of your development for which you must make an effort. As a result, we must state that, even during the COVID crisis and in this age of modern technology, we cannot underestimate the importance of pursuing higher education.

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