Lying has become so casual these days that we barely even think about it. We lie to our families, our friends, our co-workers – we are constantly lying, and nobody seems to care. But why is it so easy for us to deceive others? And why does nobody bother stopping us? This post discusses the importance of truth and what happens when people choose deception over honesty. It details the negative effects of a dishonest lifestyle and explores how telling the truth may be more important than you realize. But why do I always have to tell the truth even it will hurt other people?

Truth Matters

When we are children, we are always told to be honest. We don’t understand why it matters so much – nothing bad seems to happen when we lie. As adults, the situations in which liars face repercussions are often unpredictable. People get fired for telling lies at their jobs, but people get away with the same lies in another work environment. What does it really mean to tell the truth? Why should we bother being honest all of the time?

First of all, it is important to know that telling the truth is a skill we can learn. If you are an honest individual, others will be more likely to trust you and choose to work with you. People can tell when someone is lying by observing how they respond in those circumstances, but when people become accustomed to lying, they learn how to conceal their deception.

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The Truth Hurts

Lying is so commonplace that many of us consider it normal human behavior. But if we continue letting other people deceive us without saying anything, our thinking becomes distorted. When someone lies to me, I feel hurt. I associate being lied to with rejection.

A lie is a betrayal of trust. Lying is designed to control and harm another person in the service of self-gratification. Lies can put us at risk, cause conflict, or morph into something more serious like child abuse, domestic violence, or stalking. Moreover, marriage lives can end up for a stupid lie or with the accumulation of lies.

When someone tells a lie they want you to believe they are telling the truth. They feel better about themselves and their lives if you believe what they say. As a result, they may become angry and upset when you don’t accept or agree with them.

When someone tells a lie we should ask them questions that will bring the truth to light. If we allow ourselves to be lied to, it is just another form of manipulation, control, and abuse.

That’s why it’s so important to know the difference between truths and lies. It’s also important to avoid telling lies because they can cause harm to others as well as us.

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Why do you always need to tell the truth?

As the saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy.” However, there is a flip side to honesty. It can be really painful when someone tells you that it’s over between you. At first glance, our society would seem like it promotes honesty when we call each other out on being bad drivers or for cheating on their partners. Here are some reasons why you always need to tell the truth:

1. When you’re faced with the truth, the other person usually feels relieved and is less likely to want to harm you in the future.

2. You’ll build trust, which will make it easier for others to confide in you and tell you their secrets.

3. If your loved ones can trust that you’ll keep their secrets, they trust themselves more too–which will inevitably make them happier!

4. Having someone close who can empathize with your situation sets an example for how everyone should act–even if it causes discomfort or pain for all involved.

5. When you tell the truth, you’re making it clear that people can trust you, and that you care about them enough to tell them the truth.

6. Telling the truth builds integrity and confidence in yourself because you know that you’re being honest with yourself and those around you.

7. If someone lied to you, consider how much they may have lied to other people in their lives, what they might even be covered up by lying to others now or in the past, and what kind of a person would lie just for selfish gains at your expense.

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How do Lies Destroy any Relationship?

Lies may help many people, but tell the truth even it will hurt. Because lies can destroy any relationship. Lies are broken promises, unmet expectations, and a lack of trust. Lying is one of the most intimidating skills that anyone can have since it always takes on a whole new meaning through the eyes of the person you are lying to. Even if that person is yourself! For example, let’s say you told your parents you’d be home by 6 pm and get dinner ready for when they got home from work. Instead, you went out with friends.

The next day, your mom asks you when dinner will be ready, you tell her 6 pm and she tells you its 5:45. You panic and make something up. So now in her eyes, you are a liar. When your dad walks through the door he asks what’s for dinner and you say that it already is prepared, then mom tells them it’s not ready yet. So now in his eyes, you are a liar too! And so on.


Truth is better for society in every way. But do I always have to tell the truth even it will hurt other people? Well, Yes! It has been said that “the truth is not good enough.” You need to win over your audience by telling them what they want to hear.

This type of thinking has created a society where people will say whatever they can to get ahead. Truth gets misused and abused, where it’s used as an excuse for dishonest behaviour, or doesn’t even matter if the person making the decision believes in it themselves.

The motto “I believe in truth” exists because we are fed this notion from many different angles and sources of information our entire lives.

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