Why are we here? Does life have meaning? How do I have to behave?

Be grateful for everyone and help everyone even though you won’t get the same from others.


Should I go to university or get a job in 2023?

The decision between starting college or start working after high school might be a difficult one. Especially given the present labour market and economic conditions. This choice will probably be considerably more complicated in 2023, with many different aspects to take into account. This essay will examine whether you should enrol in […]

How much shampoo to use for a perfect hair wash?

How much shampoo to use for a perfect hair wash?

Washing your hair is a habit that is learned from an early age, a daily gesture so simple that it is often underestimated. In fact, each of us should pay special attention to hair washing. How much shampoo to use, what water temperature is optimal, what type and intensity of the massage to perform, are all aspects that can affect […]