Is religion necessary for morality? Most people think that it is scandalous or even blasphemous to deny that morality is not of divine origin. Most people believe we need a religion to show us the right path and help us differentiate between the right and wrong path. People think that religion helps them to do good and punishes or refrains them from doing evil tasks. However, people also believe that it is possible to be morally correct and happy without believing in religion.
It is the least raised question, but what’s your call on it? Do you think religion is important for behaving well and practicing moral values? and “Can people be good without believing in a religion?”
You might have or might not have thought about it, but just ponder upon it. If you were not practicing a religion, could you compel yourself to behave in a good manner?

Well, let’s discuss and seek in depth that you can be morally correct without practicing religion.

What do we mean by being good?

By behaving well or being good, we mean practicing good values. The values which benefit you individually and enable you to be kind and compassionate towards others. Some of the values that we mean by being good are loyalty, humility, compassion, bravery, respect and fairness. These are some everyday values that we practice and try to adopt. Good deeds brighten your lives and eradicate your darker sides.

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Do we need religion to behave well?

There is no doubt that religion teaches us to be morally correct and refrains us from bad values. It adds spirituality and promotes social harmony. By paving us the right way and instilling a sense of responsibility along with compassion in us. By following the direction our religion provides us, we stay away from bad deeds as we know that they are against our religious teachings, and we will be punished for them.

But is our morality and our good values only limited to religion? What’s your opinion on this? Some of you might be confused, others might have got the answer. Probably not. Good values and good principles are not limited to just religion.

As a famous quote by the humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi:

“No religion is greater than humanity”

This fact denotes the importance that morality is not something bound to religion. It defines a person’s character. These changes in behavior can be adopted by many means, through the environment, people surrounding us, and the deeds we are involved in, and religion is least linked with these. Although it has an impact, it is not limited to religion.

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Is there a link between religion and morality?

Presumably, there is a necessary connection between religion and morality. Morality has been a value for a long time and has only a small connection with religion.

Sometimes, a person also does morally incorrect things under the influence of their religion. Being good defines one’s personality and character. As, the role of religion is to preach people to love God.

Different people hold different opinions about the linkage between religion and being good. According to a recent survey of people, collected response were different for this view of relation between both of these . Almost 45% of people had a view that believing in religion was much more important for behaving in a good way. While 55% of people had the viewpoint that morality is a separate quality and does not need to be mixed with religion.

Sometimes, religions are the reason for the division of people. Everyone believes in God this way or that, but the things which divide us are the practices that our religions teach us to worship God.

There is a famous quote:

We were all human until,

Race disconnected us.

Religion separated us.

Politics divides us and,

Wealth classified us.

Have you got your answers? I hope most of you have. Religion is a pathway to giving our lives a direction but being morally correct is something different. Good deeds are not limited to any religion. Being good to each and every person, no matter from which race, sect or religion they are, is very important. This is because the power of good deeds is greater than what we believe in. Religion is something that refreshes the individual soul, but good deeds feed humanity, and feeding humanity is the core goal.

“Humanity is the supreme religion, so try to be human first”

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