Struggling with your job? Don’t want to work from 8am to 17pm and make other people rich while earning $800 – $2000? or want to earn some additional salary? You may wonder if I tell you that even some 6 years old children earn couple of million a month. Yes, if children can make it, why can’t you? It is not easy to make money nowadays but at the same time it is very easy. Nowadays, you have many opportunities to start and marketing a new business. In fact, that’s the same reason why it is hard to survive in the market. In this article we are giving you some great ideas to start a business. Please read carefully and select the most suitable for you.

Local Marketplace

E-commerce is now a tool commonly used by an increasingly large target of people for both daily and special purchases. To date, an interesting business idea to start an independent business in the sector is to open an APP or an e-commerce website that acts as a local marketplace. In addition to acting as an aggregator for local affiliated activities, enhancing the local territory, it offers e-commerce services, delivery, reservations, reserved promotions and discounts, targeted marketing and loyalty activities.

CBD supplements

The cannabis sector is among those that in recent years in Italy has shown the highest and most solid growth trends, even during the pandemic period. An innovative activity, as well as an interesting business idea to enter the world of legal cannabis, is to open a business for the sale of CBD-based supplements (tablets, capsules, concentrated oils, etc.) aimed at maximizing well-being., the beauty and health of people, and also of animals.

Virtual Reality Virtual

Reality, also known simply as VR (Virtual Reality), is a dynamic and constantly evolving market. To date, virtual reality has many fields of application ranging from scientific research to medical fields, passing through the videogames and entertainment sectors. Investing in the virtual reality sector is a good business idea. For the future and the possible businesses in which to enter are many. Also thanks to the affiliation to one of the franchises already active in the sectors. Manufacturers of VR viewers, VR game rooms, virtual tour in the real estate / tourism field are some to mention.

Robotized Catering Activities

The robotics sector is constantly evolving and represents one of the most interesting fields in which to invest for the future. Among the innovations of recent years in the field of robotics applied to entrepreneurial and commercial activities, especially in foreign markets, there has been the birth of catering activities entirely managed by robots (whether they are humanoids or “simple” mechanical arms). In these catering activities (be they pizzerias or cafes) everything is entrusted to robots: from preparation, to payment and customer service. 

Multiservice Agency

It is an activity that can be opened in a room even of small sizes. Indeed, all you need is a PC together with a basic set-up. It is possible to provide a large number of essential services for the vast part of the population. Such as:

  • Payment of bills;
  • payment of vehicle tax;
  • postal services;
  • shipping services;
  • telephone top-ups;
  • prepaid; Pay TV;
  • Amazon;
  • request for registration;
  • parcel collection;
  • purchase of travel packages;
  • utility and transfer contracts;
  • transport and event ticketing;

Working from home with Dropshipping

Open an online store without the need to have a warehouse and to buy the goods. Dropshipping is like hot buns, there are many opportunities on internet. Indeed, you may heard of Amazon, many people dropship on Amazon. People buy products from cheaper countries like China, Turkey or Spain and then resell them.

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Call Center for managing appointments

This is not the classic call centre aimed at the sale or promotion of products and services, but a new and modern call centre format focused solely on the management and organization of the agenda of professionals and companies clients. The work can also be done 100% in smart working and the operators will only be responsible for managing and taking appointments on behalf of customers.

Selling Cannabis light in Dropshipping

A still young and constantly evolving market that allows ambitious people to carve out some space for themselves. If you are passionate about it and you have a minimum of familiarity with computers, it can be your way. 

Opening a Pokeria

For consumption on the spot and for delivery it is certainly an activity to consider given the success that the Poké Bowl is enjoying.

Funeral home for humans or animals

Invest in the only sure thing! Perhaps a bit macabre as a profession, but on the other hand, death is part of life. It is a market that will certainly have some fluctuations, but given how quickly the world changes, it remains a long-lasting sector. In addition, with the new trend to give a proper burial to our pets too, the sector has increased its potential.

Analysis and Sampling Center

Private analysis and sampling centres are now a consolidated reality in the world, increasing in recent years also thanks to the birth of franchising formats in the sector.
The private analysis and sampling centres guarantee performances and services of a very similar, if not superior, quality to those provided by public structures. Since these are private structures, there is generally a higher quality and speed of services, as well as highly competitive prices that do not generally differ significantly from those presented by public structures.

Ghost and Dark kitchen

Sometimes the street showcase is not necessary if you have a good showcase on the web. Open your restaurant business with a take away or delivery service only.

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Social patrols

It is an initiative born in Puglia where groups of volunteers carry out monitoring of the city by crossing it by motorbike or on foot. Their service can be defined: a reassuring presence in the city streets, obviously in full compliance with the law. It is not a question of police activities or “patrols”. The volunteers in question promote civic sense and respect for the environment. They have no sanctioning powers but can only report any illegal episodes to the Police. This has been very successful and given that this need is felt in many Italian cities, new groups are being created all over the world. Obviously, to respond to the growing demands, some groups are organizing themselves as real franchising networks.

Expand the living spaces

In France there are agencies specialized in the expansion of living spaces, whether this requires a building intervention or a simple but ingenious furnishing solution to make the most of the available space and therefore increase the usable surface.

Rental of Sexy Silicone Dolls

It could be the dawn of a new sector with very interesting implications for those who want to do business. We had already talked about the Bordolls, or houses closed with sexy dolls. This format, on the other hand, is different and changes the cards on the table a little with an extra service. The customer can call or go to the affiliated hirer’s website, choose the doll he prefers and receive it at the time he prefers, anonymously, to “spend time with her”. In the not too distant future, when artificial intelligence and robotics are more sophisticated, perhaps they will move and talk; for now they are certainly beautiful to look at and the demand is high.

Long-term car rental Car

manufacturers always have only one need: to sell cars and ensure that the turnover is very high. New models are coming out all the time and the public is following new releases closely, but since most people can’t afford to change cars every 1 or 2 years, long-term rental agencies have sprung up. These allow their customers to rent the vehicle for a variable duration (in any case medium-long) so that at the end the customer will return the car and can rent a new latest model.

Selling small tools and consumables for dentists

Certainly wealthy buyers who will have no problem buying equipment for their business, the important thing is to know how to sell.

Assistant in judicial real estate auctions

Agencies born a few years ago but which in recent months are having enormous success. The sector has matured and the public has begun to learn more about the advantages of real estate auctions and to participate in them with the help of a consultant who knows how to move to win a valid property at the right price.
Look at the formats in theReal Estate Agencies

Open a room of Anger or Rage Room

A room where those who want to let off steam can do it until they drop. Filled with objects that can be destroyed with a club or crowbar, the rage room is the place where the customer can give vent to his anger without brakes but in safety. Protections are put on before entry, the weapon of destruction is chosen and action is taken. An original business idea and with certainly low start-up costs.

Family Cafè

A new concept of cafeteria designed for mothers and families with children. A baby-bar that goes beyond the classic playroom and that supports you with a basic catering offer designed ad hoc with a cafeteria service, lunches and catering for the holidays.

Grow Shop, Hemp Shop and Cannabis Shop

2018 will undoubtedly be the year of Hemp. Born in mid-2017, these shops specialize in Cannabis-flavored products, seeds and the sale of real inflorescences. All 100% legal as all products have active ingredient levels below the legal limits.

Bicycle and electric vehicle rental

The increase in mass tourism in large cities and new technologies have in fact created a new market niche. Game on the sly now begins to have its boom and more than one company offers the opportunity to open a business in this sector.

Acqua Fitness with Hydro bike

Niche in the wellness sector that has been active for some years and has grown without too much fanfare but constantly. There are few companies that offer the possibility of opening a water fitness centre and, as it is not yet widespread throughout Italy, the demand is still far from being satisfied. The investment to open a centre is around 50,000 euros.

Muscle electrostimulation and cryosauna

New wellness services for new and streamlined business formulas. If you like the fitness sector you will certainly find it very interesting to open a training center with electrostimulation and cryosauna.

Organic restaurant all day long

Eating organic is a growing lifestyle. The return to healthy things is a daily need and more and more people, at home and away, desire and try to consume organic meals even if more expensive than a traditional meal. This trend will only grow in the future driven by greater consumer awareness of food. By opening an organic all day long restaurant you will satisfy customers from breakfast to lunch, snack, aperitif and even dinner. There are also franchise formats. 


Compactors Waste management is a problem that is always at the center of the political debate and in the attention of public opinion. It is in this sector that great business will be born in the future. On our portal there are already several formats that allow you to enter this sector.

Reading glasses

To consign to pharmacies, parapharmacies and other interested shops, reading glasses already prepared in a special display stand ready to be placed. The shopkeeper who hosts the exhibitor retains a percentage and the rest of the income is all of the entrepreneur who will only have to deal with periodically supplying the various exhibitors.

Open a cooking school

The attention and interest of people towards good cooking and the preparation of dishes is at the highest levels. On the web and on television programs there is always someone behind the stove who explains how to cook special dishes or who competes with other competitors to create culinary masterpieces. In the wake of this impetuous gastronomic wave, new cooking schools are being born which target no longer people who want to work in the catering sector, but private citizens who have found their hobby in cooking.

Closed houses with only inflatable dolls

The first brothel with only inflatable dolls was inaugurated recently in Dortmund, Germany. Success apparently was an immediate thing. It is not yet known whether they will launch the franchise, but someone in Italy is already fondling the idea of ​​opening a similar business. 

Investing in Bamboo

You can create your own plantation or enter a bamboo plantation with a participation fee. In the latter case, you don’t even have to own the land or have agricultural skills. Think about all the consortium or franchisor you will choose. The plantations are installed in Italy and the parent company will take care of the cultivation and will buy the bamboo produced in full, guaranteeing an income to the affiliates based on the invested share.

Foreign Office Services for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Setting up a corporate overseas office can be very expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. Many prefer to outsource these activities. There are those who have grasped this need and created their own business by offering low cost export services to interested companies. The work is mainly done on the PC and an office is not essential. It is also possible to leave without a VAT number and maybe do it only for a few hours a week to start creating the tour.

Design and development of simple APPs for children

New devices are increasingly used by children and more and more at an early age. Creating and providing educational and safe APPs. Here are some examples: languages, mathematics, Italian, etc.

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Opening a Bakery

New trend in the catering sector are the bakery or the typical Anglo-Saxon ovens / pastry shops. In Italy restaurants offer not only delicious breakfasts and snacks but a range of dishes from breakfast to dinner. Pastel colours for a shabby and welcoming place, suitable for customers of all ages.

Smartphone repair at home

Over 80% of smartphone and tablet failures concern accidental breakage of the touchscreen or wear of the side buttons. With an equipped van, an ad hoc training course it is possible to start this business. With minimum quantity of spare parts it is possible to start a service and repairs of mobile devices.  Someone is already doing it.

Waste collection and disposal

Open a waste collection and sorting center. New opportunity in a new market whose needs are far from being satisfied.

Sell ​​APP

Sell ​​APP for smartphone, without technical skills. The work is based on finding small and medium-sized companies interested in creating their own APP. Collect the order, turn it over to the parent company that will carry it out. In change you will receive your percentage. Comprehensive training and commercial techniques are provided by the company.

Food Delivery with online booking only

You create your culinary proposals, upload your menu to your site. So, visitors can book the dishes that will be delivered ready and hot.

Mining Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies have made the fortune of many. Now the market is a bit more crowded and complex. However, studying programs and buying the right machinery it is possible to start this business. Better if done together with other partners.

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Sanitation with ozone

A myriad of applications for a service, that of the sanitation and sanitation of the air and environments, which is increasingly in demand. It is not necessary to be a technician. However, right equipment and a short training period are required to make the most of it.

Nutrition Advice and Pet Food Delivery

For many people, their pet is the most important thing. There is, so it’s no wonder they look for the best in nutrition as well. There are companies that allow you to become a food consultant for dogs and cats.