The lower pectorals are muscles that we often do not train sufficiently. But which give the chest a beautiful and harmonious appearance. The lower pectoral area is not difficult to train, but it is also easily left out, as we often focus more on the upper and more visible areas such as the shoulders. But this routine that we will show you will activate your lower pectoral muscles, so as to achieve a balanced result for your physique. So, What are these best lower chest exercises?

Why train low pecs

The idea is to make the chest look harmonious. In order to do this, you need to be clear on how  to train the low pectorals. 

A common mistake is to start training with an exercise in which to develop pushing or bulking strength, and then no longer have strength for subsequent exercises dedicated to the other muscles. Therefore,  start with a set of dumbbell presses in an inclined position.

The muscle fibers of the upper pectorals extend to the lower part of the chest, and it is possible to train them with specific exercises for those areas.

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Exercises for the lower pectorals

If you’ve worked out before, chances are you recognize this workout routine. The important thing is that it is directed correctly. Below, we will talk about each type of exercise:

Push ups

This is a traditional but very effective exercise for the lower pectorals and is done this way: place your hands on a flat surface just a little wider than your shoulders. Extend your legs back and keep your body still and straight. The weight of the body must be supported by the hands and feet.

Then, lower your body to the ground by bending your arms, and push yourself up to return to the starting position. You can gradually increase the intensity with more weight on your back or by doing more repetitions. This will help you train and strengthen your lower pecs.

Lunge with parallel bars

To perform this exercise,  you have to position yourself with your hands on the bars and with your palms facing inwards. Then, you have to put your weight on your arms and cross your feet to flex your legs backwards.

Push yourself forward by flexing your arms. Next, lower your body so that your arms are parallel to the ground. Now you can go back to the starting position again and repeat.

There are gyms with special machines that can help you perform this exercise, in case you run out of strength. By keeping your legs bent back and crossed, they will help you push yourself up and down progressively.

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Press with incline bench

To perform this exercise you can use two tools, dumbbells or even a bar. But as you learn the technique, your effort will be directed to the lower pecs.

To achieve the desired effect, the bench must be positioned so that the head support is lower than the hips. Now, take the dumbbells with your arms outstretched and your hands above your chest.

Flex the elbows and lower the weight towards the lower chest and repeat the movement for several cycles, raising and lowering, extending and flexing the arms. The procedure is the same even with a bar.

Precaution: it must be considered that there will be a weight on top of you, so it would be better to have someone close while you do this exercise.

Crossovers or crossovers

In this exercise it is ideal to use a pulley, so that the lower pectorals feel the effort and the stimulus to grow. You have to position yourself between the pulleys of the machine and make sure that the elastic cords are at head height. 

Take one in each hand, holding them by the handle, and in order for your lower pecs to really train, you need to keep your elbows slightly bent. At the same time, however, you have to keep them rigid during the exercise.

Now,  move the weight or extension inward with your arms so that your fists, right and left, come together in the center in front of your hips. Hold them in place for a few seconds and then bring them back. Repeat the cycle about 10 times.

What should I do if I feel tired, sleepy, lack of motivation?

Low pecs deserve attention

If you can focus your training on this area to strengthen and grow it, not only you will have a more defined physique, but you will also be able to perform exercise routines that require more strength from the top. Thus, the whole pectoral will be strong and you will be able to feel the basis for developing the rest of the muscles.