Having strong muscles is essential for carrying out our daily activities. In this regard, we are talking about some very simple but effective exercises. You have been going to the gym for some time and, although you have lost weight or have increased aerobic endurance, you have found that you have not increased your muscle strength. You are unable to hold shopping bags, carry your children or open a glass container. It is not about getting a bodybuilder body and lifting 200 kg weights, but about being able to carry out your daily activities without problems. In this article we offer you tips and exercises to increase muscle strength. Are you ready?

Steps to Increase Muscle Strength

There are three factors to consider to be stronger. We’ll talk about it below:


Certainly could not miss. However, be careful, because the training must be complete and therefore include cardiovascular activities, such as running, and muscle strengthening exercises.

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It is not convenient to repeat the same exercises for several consecutive days, because the muscle gets used to it and stops working; Similarly, you don’t have to focus on just one muscle group and leave out the rest.

To gain strength in general, you need to establish a training program consisting of exercises to be repeated days apart. For example, the first day biceps, triceps and pecs; the second day, legs, back and abs, etc.

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Another key pillar for gaining more strength. Don’t forget that muscles need fuel to work properly. Where does this “gasoline” come from? From the food!

It is recommended that you ingest 1 gram of protein for every kilo of your weight. Look for foods that contain the most protein and add them to your diet. You also need to ingest 500 extra calories each day (which you will then burn with physical activity, don’t worry), so that your muscles have enough energy. (We always suggest to speak with your trainer before).

Last but not least, eat healthily by including vitamins, minerals and proteins in your diet. Fruits, vegetables and lean meat are excellent allies .

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The third fundamental element to have more and more strength. Did you know that muscles work harder when resting?

This is due to the fact that by training them, we actually “damage” them and to counteract these tiny injuries or this overload, the body needs to rest. During the night hours, the muscles will regenerate and become bigger. The same happens by letting several hours pass between one workout and another. You can’t spend the whole day in the gym or work out every day.

Allow the body to recover from the last session before moving on to the next.

The best exercises to increase muscle strength

As we have already said, it is necessary to do some exercises to increase your muscle strength. We recommend the most suitable:


The famous squat will increase strength and muscle mass in the lower body. There are different types: the front one to work the quadriceps and the traditional one for the hamstring muscles.

During the exercise, several muscles are involved, especially those stabilizers or movement promoters. The crouched position stimulates the fibers and allows for greater production of growth hormone.

Dead weight

It strengthens dozens of muscles and allows us to work the whole body in general. The exercise starts with a barbell without weights and then adds more and more pounds. It is considered as the real test of strength, because it allows the shoulders to lift more and more weight.

Rowing with dumbbells

They allow you to develop strength in the arms, back and shoulders. They also serve to improve the posture of the spine and work the back, rhomboid and trapezius muscles.

To make them, take a small dumbbell and stretch your arm out on a bench. Bend your elbow so that the dumbbell comes close to your face.

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Push ups

This is an exercise that works the muscles of the upper body, but also increases the strength of the legs. Especially the shoulders and arms are exercised.

To do push-ups, you need to lie on your stomach on a mat with your legs extended and together. Place your palms on the floor, a little wider than shoulder width, and lift your torso. The arms must remain fully extended. The toes are the second point of support after the hands. Flex and straighten your elbows and bring your head forward a little.

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This exercise strengthens the legs and improves the balance, stability and flexibility of the hips.

To perform the lunges, you must stand with your legs together. Step forward with your right foot and lower your pelvis towards the floor. The knee should not go beyond the imaginary line of the toe. The other leg remains fully extended and resting on the toes. The knee must not touch the floor. Once you have mastered the technique perfectly, we recommend adding a dumbbell in each hand.

How to have more strength in your hands?

Strengthening your wrists and fingers will help you in your daily chores. Some effective exercises in this regard are:

Lift objects

For example, while watching television, you can take a bottle of water and raise and lower it with your hand that “dangles” from the sofa or table.

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Stretch with elastic

Put a rubber band between your wrists and try to separate them as much as possible and for as long as you can.

Move your fingers

They don’t count all the times we type on the computer. The exercises to strengthen the fingers must be done with the arms extended in front of the body and include movements of all kinds.