Team sports are one of the best ways to have fun and exercise at the same time. And for children, they offer a whole host of other vital benefits. Team sports for children have a very positive impact not only at an early age, but throughout life. Not only will they avoid health problems such as obesity, but they will also improve many other skills that will be useful in your child’s daily life. In addition, the benefits of team sports for children include promoting socialization, friendships and team spirit. In this article we are going to speak about the benefits of team sports for children.

Encourage your children to play a team sport

Unfortunately, today we live in a society that becomes more and more sedentary every day. Children’s leisure time has undergone a radical change in recent decades. New technologies allow children to have fun without having to move from the sofa and, at the same time, childhood overweight levels have become alarming.

When you think about the way you enjoyed yourself before and the way your children are enjoying themselves today, the differences are huge, but there are also many similarities. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of team sports and the importance of promoting sport not only in the classroom, but also in extracurricular activities.

The sports offer is very wide and, for this reason, we will focus on a specific category: team sports. Let’s see all the benefits of team sports for children together.

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Benefits of team sports for children

Team sports go beyond sport as a physical experience : it is a way to learn very important values, which will be useful to your child throughout his life.

If you can get your child to love sports from an early age, know that you will also be able to make his body develop sooner, stay active, also form and grow as a person.


Knowing how to work in a team is essential. Today, most jobs involve interconnecting with other people, so you need to be prepared to be able to collaborate in this way. Cooperative works are increasingly common in educational centers and strengthen relationships at an early age.

If your children play a team sport, they will learn what it means to belong to a group of people . The feeling of unity and mutual help and the awareness that only by working together will they be able to achieve goals are just some of the values ​​they will learn.

Conflict management, among the most important benefits of team sports

Team sports in childhood will also teach your children to learn how to manage conflicts. Some events such as not having saved a goal, missed a penalty or not running as fast as expected will be some of the reasons that will create conflicts within the group.

Here, the coach plays a vital role as mediator: remember we are talking about children who are still developing.

The coach’s mediating function will be essential to build the feeling of unity of the team. Furthermore, children will learn that mistakes must be corrected with effort and sacrifice and that being together and feeling united in the goals to be achieved is the best thing to do.

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It is impossible for all members of a team to always be at the highest level. There is always someone who is not at his best or who needs to improve. Your child will realize that if any of his or her teammates are unwell, it will be impossible to achieve goals.

In this way, gestures such as giving a T-shirt, lending shoes or cheering on a partner who has not achieved a good result are acts of solidarity that your child will learn to receive but also to give. The benefits of team sports for children are also these.

I commit

Team sports in childhood are one of the best ways for your children to understand what the word “commitment” means. In fact, a child will learn that his actions do not affect him alone but affect the whole team . This is a very useful teaching that will serve him throughout his life.

Therefore, he will have to take responsibility for going to train and play matches. Commitment to your group will be essential to achieving results and making new friends.

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Team sports teach for life

Sport is very important for development and must be present in every child’s life. The values ​​of sport are very positive so it is a good opportunity to pass them on to children.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a child will be predisposed to playing a sport if the planned activities are fun for him . This is why we will have to look for the team sport with which he will feel most identified.

This way, your child will not only have fun and stay active, but will also grow as a person. Also, don’t forget the physical benefits of exercise!

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