Professionally built CVs or portfolios are an impressive way to showcase your successes and ability to grow. They demonstrate your creativity and intelligence to prospective employers but are also a critical component for job seekers. In this article you will read benefits of having an Online Portfolio.

What is an Online Portfolio?

An online portfolio is an internet-accessible manifestation of your portfolio. Your online portfolio can be a good way to represent yourself to potential employers, clients, or reviewers. In addition, your online portfolio can be a resource where you can store items, such as photos you take or your school projects.

However, you should not make the mistake of confusing an online portfolio with a resume. Your resume is a document that contains information about yourself that employers and clients need. On the other hand, no employer will care how many web pages you have on your website.

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Why do you need Online Portfolio?

Benefits of Having Online Portfolio do you want to secure a job?

Yes! But better still- make your own career! The key is having an online portfolio in order to show people your work. It’s a great way for them to get a glimpse of what you can do and what they could get with you as their new hire.

A portfolio is a collection of work samples or evidence of a person’s work experience. Typical components in the assessment process are resume, service record, and an account of career progression. Portfolios are often required for higher-profile jobs and positions that may offer more responsibility with greater access to information. Employers can be confident that their application has the necessary skills they’re looking for if they see them demonstrated in their portfolio.

An online portfolio can help you keep your digital footprint alive before potential employers by ensuring people know how you operate digitally today (and trust me it’s important).

Where do you keep the documents?

Obviously, it should be in a separate designated folder, or on a flash drive. The key is to keep the portfolio in one place so that you can access it throughout your career. It doesn’t have to be one place for all time – as long as you can access it when you need to. There are so many things that can be done with the portfolio, from networking with people who are considering hiring or speaking at alumni or recruiters conferences…it’s all really important.

What are the Benefits of an Online Portfolio?

There are many benefits of having a website for your portfolio. First and foremost it shows that you have the skills and knowledge necessary for what company is offering. It’s also helpful if someone wants to look at your work in years to come from their computer or mobile device rather than at their desk with high-end equipment sitting in front of them.

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More and more people are using online portfolios to showcase their skills. This may seem like a luxury or an extravagance, but there are many benefits to it. Here’s benefits of having an Online Portfolio:

1.    It Gives the Employer a Chance to Interact with You

A great advantage of having an online portfolio is that it gives the employer a chance to interact with you. Sometimes an employer might want to contact you for more information about your abilities or even ask questions when they notice something they find interesting in your work. If you chose not to have an online portfolio, it may prevent them from having that chance. Another benefit is that if the employer or recruiter wants to see more of your work, they can see it on their own time rather than during business hours; which could save you both time and money.

2.    It’s Transparent

Another advantage of having an online portfolio is that it’s transparent. Your employer can see your work right away instead of being asked to wait until you have an interview or some other appointment. It can also save you both time and money by avoiding unnecessary interviews, phone calls, or e-mails from your boss.

3.    It Can Be Used for Open Applications

Another advantage is that they can be used for an open application requirement. With this type of requirement, there are no pre-qualifying questions or tests to be invited into the process. An online portfolio can save the company money and time by allowing them to see your skills in a format that allows them to make a decision with little effort on their part.

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4.    It Can Be Used for Recruiting

Another advantage of having an online portfolio is that it can be used for recruiting. By giving an employer a chance to see your work, they have a chance to see your skills in action, thus allowing them to make a more informed decision when they are evaluating your application or e-mailing you for a potential interview.

5.    It Shows Your Achievements

An online portfolio allows the employer to see your achievements while displaying the techniques and skills that you have mastered and what you have accomplished with them. This could help the employer understand what kind of work environment you would be working in if you get hired.

6.    It Can Save Time

Benefits of having an Online Portfolio is if the employer wants to see or contact you, they can go directly to your online portfolio and examine it at their own pace. This will save you time because you will not have to be during business hours to respond. As an employee, you already have enough on your plate, so anything that can help save time is definitely worth it.

7.    It Is a Lot Easier for Your Boss to Find

Another advantage of having an online portfolio is that it can be easier for your boss to find and check out than if they had to ask you about every little thing that interested them in your work. If your boss is interested in looking at your portfolio, they can be sure that they will be able to find it easily without having to search for it.

In today’s competitive market, employers prefer applicants that are familiar with technology and the right use of the internet. Having an online portfolio gives a strong message about your expertise regarding the latest tools and technologies. It’s time to invest in better resources like an online portfolio that can increase the chances of your success in any field or organization.

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